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Social Distancing Rules


Social distancing means keeping people apart, both in the workplace, as well as in a social environment, to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Wherever possible, you should keep metres apart from each other.

Although the social distancing rules put in place by the devolved Governments may differ, the following advice is provided by the Health and Safety Executive, who regulate in all of the home nations.

Some of the measures you can put in place include:

  • Mark out work areas with highly coloured floor tape
  • Provide signage to remind staff and visitors of the distancing rules
  • Move work layouts, so that staff work side by side, rather than opposite each other
  • Limit the movement of people around the work areas:
  • If possible, rotate between jobs and equipment (if they do not have their own equipment for individual use)
  • The use of vehicles and lift’s
  • In high people traffic areas, such as kitchens, reception areas, walkways, corridors, or office access turnstiles
  • Prevent any non-essential trips within buildings, or between work sites

As in all situations with Covid-19, you should check the public health guidance for the country you are in:


If Staff Are Unable to Socially Distance

If staff are unable to socially distance, you should consider the following:

  • Can the activity be done from home?
  • Can the activity be suspended for the time being, until alternative arrangements can be made?
  • Reduce the numbers of staff working closely to the minimum
  • Limit movement around the work area concerned
  • Limit the amount of different equipment, or surfaces that workers need to touch
  • Provide screens between staff, to create a physical barrier, which should cleaned regularly


Detailed guidance for most situations can be found on the HSE website.


Updated 13th November 2020

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