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Industry Guidance for TECS during Covid-19


TEC Workers "who have close personal contact with clinically vulnerable" eligible to receive COVD-19 vaccination. NHS Guidance here -

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for community based social care staff to identify the eligible cohort of care workers in JCVI priority group 2, and the arrangements that should be put in place to enable them to access their COVID-19 vaccination. -

TSA is working closely with the Department of Health and NHSX to support the national strategic planning process in relation to Corona Virus and the legacy of the TEC sector post-pandemic, which is being carried forward by TSA President Paul Burstow and CEO Alyson Scurfield.


The DHSC has released its action plan 'COVID-19: Our Action Plan for Adult Social Care' aligning with technology enabled care and cites TEC as integral part of the solution -


LATEST: [11 May 2020] Guidance on how to return to work safely, includes contact centres, offices and other closed spaces -

Guidance on testing for Coronavirus for frontline workers (April 24th)

Current Guidance on Level 2 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Anyone attending to a “confirmed or highly suspected patient” with Covid-19 - including installers and responders - are now required to wear Level 2 PPE. If a risk assessment indicates the possibility of COVID-19, appropriate PPE must be donned safely before being within 1m of patient, or having contact with the patient. The risk assessment should include information provided prior to arrival at scene as well as any additional information gained on arrival. Stocks of Level 2 PPE are currently being held by local authorities, please contact your local LA or SPT to register as an approved organisation/individual.


Definition of Level 2 PPE - recommended PPE for primary, outpatient and community care by setting, NHS and independent sector:

LATEST: [20th October 2020] Revised guidance use of PPE by health and social care workers, it supersedes previous PPE guidance. Updates on infection prevention and control guidance for COVID-19 and should be used in conjunction with local policies -

LATEST: [20th October 2020] Public Health England produced an illustrative guide to the use of PPE in a Community and Social Care setting, which is particularly relevant to TSA member organisations as follows:

Guidance for Infection Prevention and Control in a Non-Healthcare Setting

Issued jointly by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Public Health Wales (PHW), Public Health Agency (PHA) Northern Ireland, Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and Public Health England as official guidance.


Cleaning in non-healthcare setting:

Guidance on Shielding the Extremely Vulnerable

Guidance on Shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-19. This is the highest classification of those at-risk with underlying health conditions, living in their own home, with or without additional support.

GOV.UK - Guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-1

First Responder Guidance

Guidance for First Responders and others in close contact with symptomatic people with potential COVID-19

Use this risk assessment form to assess the health of service users you or your responders come into contact with

TSA Good Practice Guides

Pandemic Escalation Guidance for Monitoring & Responder Services


COVID-19 Cleaning Guide from Mangar


COVID-19 Raizer Cleansing Guide


Falls Assessment Toolkit Guidance


TSA Q&A Guides

Homeworking Technology - technical questions covering health and safety in the home, technology support and operational considerations when setting up homeworking


TSA Quick Guides

These guides serve as quick and concise instruction manuals for those who've been brought in to cover workforce shortages in Call Handling, Installing TEC, Responding and Self-installations:

1. TSA Quick Guide to Call Handling (for the newly trained) during Covid-19


2. TSA Quick Guide to Installing TEC Equipment (for the newly trained) during Covid-19


3. TSA Quick Guide to Responding (for the newly trained) during Covid-19


4. TSA Quick Guide to Self-Installations during Covid-19


Manufacturers' Guides for Self-Installations

Find self-installation guides from Chiptech, Tunstall, Doro and Legrand-Tynetec:


Legrand-Tynetec Installation Guides:

Reach IP - tynetec_reach_ip_self_install_a4_2pp_guide.pdf

Reach Plus - tyn_reach__reach_plus_self_install_guide_a4.pdf

Legrand Install Guidance - legrand_covid-19_install_guidance_document.pdf


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