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Nita Dahyabhi

Business Support Assistant





Our team


Martin Jones

UK CEO, Home Instead

Rowan Atkins

PR Lead & Associate

Paul Burstow - TSA President & Board Chair

TSA President & Chair of board The former Minister of State for Care Services brings a wealth of experience around the health and social care

Rupert Lawrence

Director for England (Service Providers) and Head of amica24, amica24

Samantha Davies

Workforce Development Lead Consultant

Helen Blythe

Head of Workforce Development

Dr Lynne Douglas

Director for Scotland (Service Providers) and Chief Executive Officer, Bield Housing & Care

Lisa Curtis

Finance Manager

Steve Sadler

Head of Technology Strategy

Tim Mulrey

Lead Advisor Analogue to Digital

Roy Sandbach

Past-President of the Industry and Technology Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry & supporter of innovation and research

Wendy Kendall

Director (Supply) and Sales & Marketing Director Legrand

Alan Williamson

Engagement and Events Manager

Anicka Fairhurst

Business Support Manager

Alyson Scurfield

Chief Executive Officer Alyson Scurfield is a well-known visionary leader of service transformation, delivery and business development in the digital

Kevin McSorley

Director for Northern Ireland (Service Provider) and Head of Radius CONNECT24

Tim Dawson

TSA Graduate

Eve Pincus

Communications and Marketing Manager

Sam Watkins

Director for Wales (Service Providers) and Managing Director, Delta Wellbeing

Gordon Sutherland

Director (Supply) and Chief Executive Officer, Tunstall Healthcare

Nathan Downing

Head of Advisory Services

Louise Venables

Programme Manager

Andy Bailey

Housing Associate

Madelaine Starr OBE

Director of Business Development and Innovation, Carers UK

Charlotte Dugdale

Strategy & Engagement Officer

Nita Dahyabhi

Business Support Assistant

Chris Monks

Finance Director, TSA

Fern Maguire

Marketing & Events Executive

Partners & Associates