About Us

TSA (formerly known as Telecare Services Association) is the industry body for Technology Enabled Care (TEC), representing the largest industry specific network in Europe and bringing together a growing membership of organisations across local government, health and the private sector.
TSA organises the annual International Technology Enabled Care Conference and drives quality throughout the sector through its internationally recognised Integrated Code of Practice.
TSA is a not-for-profit membership based organisation, with a current membership of over 350 organisations across the UK and overseas. It is estimated that TSA’s members currently help over 1.7 million people to remain in their own homes (rather than hospitals, care homes and other institutional settings) – supported by their families, friends and carers in familiar surroundings.
TSA works across health, housing and social care through a wide range of public services (NHS, local authorities, Fire and Rescue Services), housing associations, leading industry suppliers, independent and voluntary sector organisations.
TSA welcomes all organisations who have a professional or commercial interest in the provision of technology assisted services, including telecare, telehealth and mHealth.

TSA promotes and supports the technology enabled care industry, highlighting the benefits of TEC for commissioners across health and social care, service users, their family and carers.

The landscape across health and social care is changing rapidly, with the challenges of an ageing population and limited resources being addressed by TEC utilising reablement budgets, supporting of long-term conditions and maximising an individual's care choice through the uptake of personalised budgets.