An introduction to QSF


As Chief Executive of TSA, I am delighted that we now have a new Quality Standards Framework (QSF).


The QSF offers technology enabled care (TEC) service providers and suppliers a way of demonstrating quality and it offers commissioners much needed assurance in an otherwise unregulated industry.


Our newly created standards arm - TEC Quality - runs our Quality Standards Framework (QSF). TEC Quality sets standards and it audits and certifies organisations against these standards. TEC Quality is independent, with its own Board of Directors. 


A number of organisations have recently gone through QSF audits. To hear what they think about the Quality Standards Framework, click here.


Commissioners have played a critical role in driving the adoption of past and present standards by specifying, in TEC tenders, that providers must be accredited.


I would like to thank all those organisations who have helped to shape the new Quality Standards Framework. They include representatives from our UK nation states, Carers UK, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), BSI (British Standards Institution), DHACA (Digital Health and Care Alliance) and telecare and telehealth service providers.



I am sure you will find the QSF fresh and thought-provoking - supporting the development and continuous improvement of your organisation. Our aim is to ensure that ‘quality and safety’ is at the heart and centre of everything you do. 


Alyson Scurfield, TSA Chief Executive


For more information on the Quality Standards Framework download this summary PDF.