At Home


Do you struggle finding information on how everyday aids and technology can help you, a loved one, or someone you care for?


Things like simple prompts and reminders, gadgets to help prepare and eat meals, handy tools to assist in taking medication or getting dressed, or perhaps helping a loved one to make a telephone call with the aid of a picture button phone.


If you’re starting to think about care needs, finding your way through the maze of information, websites and apps that provide help can be daunting - but there are a whole host of simple solutions that can make life more straight forward.


The AT Home website is a guide to how assistive technology can help with everyday tasks, giving people the ability to lead independent lives in their own homes.


 Visit the AT Home website to find out more:


• AT Home offers information about simple everyday aids and gadgets that can make a difference


• AT Home offers feedback from users and carers on the simple technology that has helped them


• AT Home is packed with useful information to make everyday living a little easier