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Tuesday 18th - Day Session
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Being a Learning Organisation and a better business - M2

Leadership, Education & Training - Monday - 14.50 - 15.50

Session Code: M2
Session Leader:Steve McCann, HE Programme Manager and Senior Lecturer in Housing Studies, Centre for Housing Studies
Summary:In this session we shall explore the benefits of education to the development and improvement of organisations and the individuals who work for them. In a world where the environment in which organisations operate is constantly changing (think Care Acts, Housing Acts, various and other major reforms) isn’t it sensible that those organisations focus on becoming learning organisations that seek to develop their number one resource: their staff, thereby becoming better, stronger organisations?
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Reducing Fire Risk To Vulnerable People Through Telecare - M3

Standards - Monday - 14.50 - 15.50

Session Code: M3
Session Leader:Steve Norman, Group Manager, NE Area Fire Safety Regulation, London Fire Brigade and Mark Shone, Assistive Technology Lead Officer, Chief Fire Officers Association
Summary:Show how the effective identification, referral, assessment and monitoring of a vulnerable adult using Telecare systems will reduce risk of fire and help to prevent accidents and health issues with short, medium and long term cost savings. We will be highlighting recent examples of individual risk assessment and system failures in the protection of vulnerable people and how using competent people to assess standards can help prevent future fire deaths, injuries and property loss.
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How is dallas delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale? - M5

Innovation & Technology - Monday - 14.50 - 15.50

Session Code: M5
Session Leader:Hazel Harper Assisted Living Innovation Platform Leader, Innovate UK and Andrew Chitty, Executive Director, Digital Life Sciences
Summary:dallas has been developing and delivering solutions for the assisted living market for over 2 years and is now seeing the impact of its work as it starts to scale. This workshop will provide an overview of these impacts and the lessons learned from the range of activities undertaken under two of the dallas projects, i-Focus and Year Zero.
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Delivering our Ambitions for Telehealth & Telecare in Scotland - TAM1

Innovation & Technology - Tuesday - 12.00 - 13.00

Session Code: TAM1
Session Leader:Moira Mackenzie, Head of Development and Dr Margaret Whoriskey, Director, Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare, Joint Improvement Team
Summary:The session will provide an overview of progress on Telehealth and Telecare in Scotland including insights into a range of innovative European Initiatives, the dallas funded Living It Up project and preparations for the launch of the £10m Technology Enabled Care Programme.
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Assisted Living - your opportunity to shape the new framework - TAM2

Leadership, Education & Training - Tuesday - 12.00 - 13.00

Session Code: TAM2
Session Leader:Tracy Harrison, Commercial Director and Gill Jackson, Senior Account Manager, Northern Housing Consortium
Summary:The NHC (through Consortium Procurement) have offered our members a compliant route to the procurement of their telecare and telehealth requirements for over 20 years. With Crown Commercial Services' (CCS) withdrawal from this service offer, and the NHC's current Assisted Living framework due to expire in October 2015, we are keen to engage with existing and prospective users of the solution to understand your requirements for this critical service area. We will be discussing the potential structure and content of the new specification and look forward to hearing your views on issues such as how new innovation should be incorporated.
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Benefits of being accredited to the TSA Code of Practice - TAM3

Standards - Tuesday - 12.00 - 13.00

Session Code: TAM3
Session Leader:Paul Finch, Business Relationship Manager, Telecare Services Association
Summary:The TSA Code of Practice is the only standard that demonstrates continued quality of Telecare services. This workshop has been designed to demonstrate the benefits of achieving Code of Practice accreditation and how your organisation can deliver excellence through process improvement and redesign. We will explain how your team and service will become stronger and realise a huge sense of achievement by completing the process. There will be advice from Aileen Stewart, one the auditors on the role of the auditors and the audit process itself, along with advice from Paul Finch, TSA Business Relationship Manager. You will have opportunities to clarify any concerns regarding the code and the process.
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Do Markets eat Business Models for Breakfast? Understanding the Mixed Economy of ALTs - TAM4

Business Modelling - Tuesday - 12.00 - 13.00

Session Code: TAM4
Session Leader:Rob Wilson, University of Newcastle
Summary:This workshop presentation will seek to show how recent attempts to innovate business models for the provision of Assistive Living Technology (ALTs) have come to clash with the wider complexities of the transformation of social care policy (for instance personal budgets) and a growing self-funding market. The presentation will argue that only by creating a more co-productive approach to the shaping of market making architectures to share information will progress be made to join-up service co-ordination, product configuration and care
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Citizen driven digital health and wellbeing - TPM1

Innovation & Technology - Tuesday - 14.35 - 15.35

Session Code: TPM1
Session Leader:Victoria Betton, mHealth Programme Director, Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust & Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Michael Seres, Patient Entrepreneur and Nicky Runeckles, Managing Director, Big White Wall Ltd
Summary:This session will explore how citizens are driving the development and delivery of digital tools to manage their health and wellbeing. Michael Seres will bring his experience of developing digital tools to manage his long term condition and how they have resulted in changes in practice and better health outcomes. Nicky Runeckles will describe how Big White Wall is enabling people to manage their mental health and wellbeing online at scale. Victoria Betton will share how citizens are co-designing digitally supported health in Leeds.
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Technical standards to support the evolution of technolgy enable care - TPM2

Standards - Tuesday - 14.25 - 15.35

Session Code: TPM2
Session Leader:Chris Dodd, Managing Director, Tynetec, Steve Sadler, Group Chief Technology Officer, Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd and John Ames, Independent Telecommunications Expert
Summary:Summary to follow
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How technology can aid patient compliance around medicines - TPM3

Innovation & Technology - Tuesday - 14.35 - 15.35

Session Code: TPM3
Session Leader:Dr Manir Hussain, Chair – Pharmacy Local Professional Network, NHS England - Shropshire and Staffordshire Area Team, Steve Peebles, Product Manager, Carers UK and Cathy Waddell, Cordia (Services) LLP
Summary:Carers UK’s research shows that among other activities carers undertake for their loved ones they have considerable responsibility for managing medication. According to Carers UK’s recent State of Caring 2014 survey, three out of four carers were managing and/or administering medication for the person they cared for. One of their key worries is whether medication is being taken appropriately, particularly when they are caring at a distance. There are an increasing number of products and services available that can provide assistance with medication management. But how can information from these and other telecare devices be aggregated and made available to carers to help support them and provide peace of mind? How can we take this technology forward in way that recognises the importance of family in medication compliance and where else could it lead?
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Telecare, risk and everyday life: key findings from the AKTIVE project - TPM4

Service Integration - Tuesday - 14.35 - 15.35

Session Code: TPM4
Session Leader:Pete Buckle, Research Professor, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, Alison Fishpool, Contract and Commissioning (Equipment Lead), Oxfordshire County Council, Marianne Howard, Business Relationship Manager, Telecare Services Association and Kate Hamblin, Research Fellow, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford
Summary:This workshop will comprise three presentations. The first will outline the context of the AKTIVE project, including the aims of the research and the telecare arrangements at the two local authority research sites. During the AKTIVE project, a systems approach was used to risk assess the use of telecare in five contexts 1) assessment of need; 2) installation of equipment; 3) client use of telecare; 4) monitoring; and 5) response. The second presentation will outline the results of the systems approach, which helped to identify the areas of greatest risk for failures within the system. The third presentation will explore the use of telecare in a care setting to enable older people to remain in their own homes and enhance wellbeing. Telecare is however not without its challenges in terms of its use and adoption and this session will also explore some of the limitations and barriers identified and consider ways these might be addressed.
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Assistive Technology in Buckinghamshire – A joined up approach - TPM5

Service Integration - Tuesday - 14.35 - 15.35

Session Code: TPM5
Session Leader:Dr Tom Davis (GP Clinical Advisor) for Buckinghamshire County Council, Aylesbury Vale CCG and Chiltern CCG, Firas Sarhan (Director of Centre of Excellence for Telehealth and Assisted Living (CETAL) at Bucks New University, Adam Willison (Joint Commissioning Manager for Assistive Technology) at Buckinghamshire County Council
Summary:Assistive Technology (AT) is the overarching definition applied to the use of technologies that assist people in their daily life. People are familiar with Telecare as pendant alarms which social care traditionally provide and Telehealth as vital signs monitoring equipment traditionally delivered by health.
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Integration from a housing perspective - TPM6

Service Integration - Tuesday - 14.35 - 15.35

Session Code: TPM6
Session Leader:Integration from a housing perspective
Summary:Summary to follow
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