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Meet The Team

Nathan Downing

Nathan is Head of Consultancy at TSA, and has extensive international experience of consultancy within the field of efficiency and procurement, working intimately within the local government social care and health sectors.

Nathan spent several years on the Care Services Efficiency Delivery (CSED) programme within the Dept. of Health, focusing on the implementation and realisation of sustainable efficiencies within adult health and social care. Nathan's principal expertise was developed in the delivery and mainstreaming of assistive technology/telecare.

He has worked with Improvement & Efficiency West Midlands (IEWM) and ADASS West Midlands as Regional Telehealthcare lead, working with local authorities, health trusts and associated providers, and has provided focussed support in the area of TEC to numerous city, county and borough councils across the UK.


Tim Mulrey


Tim is Business Transformation and Strategy Lead at TSA with a specialism in digital services and the issues around the analogue to digital shift.

He has a senior management background with a large corporate communications provider across both commercial and public sector markets; in addition, he has worked as a management consultant with over 25 local authorities and CCGs across the UK, enabling the deployment of technology and the realisation of efficiency savings.

He has worked with Gloucestershire County Council, Health & Social Care Northern Ireland, London Boroughs of Haringey, Hackney and Barnet - specifically on the development of new TECS initiatives as well as TECS review and redesign.

Tim has a strong background in sales, people management and organisational change as well as being a specialist in the field of Electronic Monitoring of Care, having supported over a dozen councils with implementation.


Andrew Bailey



Charlotte Dugdale


Andrew has more than 30 years’ experience in the TEC sector holds a passion for the Housing sector, especially the key role it plays in supporting health and wellbeing.

He has been a customer focused development leader for a number of large technology providers and SMEs in the Health, Housing, and Social Care sectors and responsible for developing many Housing, Telehealth/Telecare projects with local authorities, housing associations, CIC’s CCGs and the Third Sector. Often taking a collaborative approach with his clients, he is currently supporting Housing providers make strategic decisions as they move forward with the digital shift. He is an active member of the South West Housing LIN leadership set and has served as a non-executive director for a number of leading charities that support vulnerable, homeless and marginalised people.



Charlotte Dugdale is TSA's Strategy & Engagement Officer.

Over the past nine years, Charlotte has developed a vast range of experience within TEC, Health and Care sectors. Past experience spans across TEC sector from call handler/responder/installer at beginning of career to supporting regional growth for a Telehealth Device Manufacturer.

Her post prior to joining TSA, was supporting a small Domiciliary Care Agency by leading a change project supporting the sustainability and growth whilst improving service delivery and repositioning the brand.














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