What is mCare?

mCare stands for mobile care, and refers to the use mobile phones harnessed to extend telecare and telehealth services to far more people.  You may also see the term mHealth (mobile health) used to refer to these services.


mCare (or mHealth) uses mobile phones as a gateway to telecare and telehealth for people whose lifestyles are better suited to using their mobile phone as a link to 24/7 monitoring services, rather than the traditional carephone.  mCare has also extended to smart phone devices which collect and receive data relevant to the individual's health and social care.  This way, the service user is able to go out into their local community, knowing that they are safe regardless of what happens.


mCare is targeted at service users with a wide range of needs, and may be used as part of an overall telecare and/or telehealth service package. It's benefits include:


  • Increasing the confidence of the individual using the service
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Greater independence
  • Improved quality of life and well being
  • Increased peace of mind and reassurance for family members and carers.

To find providers of telecare and telehealth services in your area, please see our Find A Service section.