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TSA's International Technology Enabled Care virtual conference

22 - 25 March 2021

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There has never been a more important time for technology enabled care.

As a sector our rapid COVID-19 response and innovations in service delivery have accelerated not only our learnings but is repositioning TEC as an integral part of the wider health network and an instigator of Change.

This year ITEC conference is transformed, it will be a critical platform for you to speak with new audiences in health, housing and social care.

We've worked incredibly hard to ensure that the ITEC virtual conference is a truly interactive experience. Just like face-to-face conference, you'll have the choice of attending live sessions across multiple stages, and the ability to network with each other, and connect with our virtual exhibitors via live messaging and live video interactions.

The interactive virtual exhibition will feature up to 50 organisations, all of which are helping to support the TEC sector with their innovative products and services.

Day OneA Proactive and Preventative Future: Empowering Citizens with Technology Enabled Care sees the launch of the Proactive and Preventative Care Model designed To deliver proactive and preventative services back into communities and to redesign care delivery within health.

Day TwoIntegrating Technology into a Reformed Adult Social Care Systemwill explore, alongside our social care partners, the urgent reform of the social care system supported by technology, its service wraparound and the outcomes that this could bring for the system and the people. Witness the launch of the anticipated ADASS/TSA Commission.

Day Three The Empowerment of Residents and Communities with Flexible Proactive and Preventative Services focuses on the Future of Housing as we look at how to align the strategy for digital enablement of care with housing policy and the vision for the Home of 2030. How will we deliver digitally capable co-designed home environments that support modern approaches to independent living and reduce crisis?

On Day Four The Personalisation of Health and Care Through Proactive and Preventative Service Delivery we look at the impact on community of proactive and preventative care enabled by technology around personalisationchoice and control. How we can achieve a more cohesive health delivery through remote monitoring and virtual wards.

This will be conference but not as you know it.

The TEC sector proved how quickly it could pivot and redesign its services during COVID-19 and it has awakened health and social care to the realisation that digital solutions when integrated correctly within a service framework can improve outcomes for service users, whole communities and streamline services when done right.

ITEC 2021 is a unique opportunity for you to tap into an industry that is experiencing transformation.

Over 4 days, network with 22 exhibitors at the centre of TEC innovation and get access to 32 hours of quality content from those on-the-ground doing the work, to those designing the strategies and frameworks and forming the partnerships to futureproof technology enabled care, to futureproof your sector Come away with the tools and resources to plug into your own business strategy, leadership, system change, workforce development, better commissioning, population health management, quality standards, the list goes on.

You will also come away with unlimited access to the entire 32 hours of programming for 3 months post-event.

We have intentionally structured the pricing of our Group Bookings to just £60 per ticket for TSA members so you can actively involve your whole team. Conference is for everyone in your business, from Strategic Leaders to Operational Managers and Frontline Staff. The TEC message needs to run like a thread throughout your organisation from top-down if we are to reshape service delivery with technology enabled care at the heart of it. ❤️

Let's come together in the digital space to continue our learning, knowledge sharing and to progress the sector, but because what drives each and every one of us is Making a Difference to people's lives.


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