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There are over 1.7 million people benefiting from telecare in the UK. Yet it is still a young industry and needs standards that ensure the service is reliable, consistent and continuous for people using telecare and for those – mainly local authorities – commissioning it. This is why, at the Telecare Services Association (TSA), we have produced a Telecare Code of Practice.


The 2009 Code was the result of the widest stakeholder consultation exercise ever undertaken by TSA. Government departments in England and in the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Department of Health together with TSA Members were all involved in shaping its modular framework.


TSA developed the Telecare Code of Practice primarily for use by telecare service providers to ensure quality standards for service delivery and, critically, to assist commissioners in identifying quality providers.





Why become Code Compliant?



Telecare is increasingly positioned as a life-critical service on which service users must be able to rely.  Accreditation offers confidence and reassurance that telecare will deliver when it is needed and is a valuable tool for service Commissioners.

Being code accredited sends the message to the industry that you offer a guaranteed reliable level of service.  It also leads to confidence and reassurance from the Service User as they know help will be at hand if there ever is an emergency.

Having the accreditation will also help the service provider when it comes to applying for a contract which has been put up for tender.  Having their services accredited would give them a competitive edge over a provider who is not accredited.

The accreditation can also act as a catalyst for the growth of your business, as commissioners would be more likely to seek an accredited service to take their business to.



For more information regarding the Code of Practice, please visit the Standards section of the website.