Marketing Tips

10 Quick Marketing Wins from t&s creative communications


We know you don’t have 45 minutes to spare, so we’ve distilled our 45 Quick Marketing Wins presentation from ITEC 2017 down to our top 10.


1.      Logo health check

· Is your logo legible in any environment?

· Have you looked at it from every angle for a faux pas?

· Ask ‘that person’ who somehow finds fault in everything, to have a look and listen to their comments.


2.      Check everything…

You cannot afford to make a critical mistake. Check every piece of collateral, phone every number and click every link. Then get someone who isn’t working on that project to look at it for mistakes.


3.      …then check again

In the digital world, it all runs together so check your links and hashtags. You don’t want to be the next http://speedofart.com/ or #susanalbumparty


4.      Avoid common mistakes with imagery

· We are not all happy and beautiful – use imagery your audience will relate to

· We are not all American, the majority of stock photography is – use geographically appropriate imagery

· We are not all superheroes – find the personality within.


5.      Be consistent

Be consistent with your imagery. Photoshoots are expensive, but you can implement simple tricks to standardise your imagery wherever it has come from:


· Add a colour tone

· Make the shot mono

· Apply imagery to a graphic device like the ITECConf2017 branding.


6. Find out who you really are

· Sit your key stakeholders down with two blank sheets of paper, ‘who we want to be’ and ‘who we don’t want to be’. Using adjectives, fill in each sheet. From this you will get a sense of purpose for the project and a tone of voice


7. Market your brand

What channels should you be using to market your brand? The answer is often a little bit of everything:


· Direct Mail (DM) is memorable – the average lifespan of an email is just 2 seconds, compared to 17 days with DM

· Email has 50-100 times the click through rate of social media. It is effective when you already have a warm audience

· Social media is better for stickiness, virality and building an audience with paid advertising

· Personalise the experience and reap benefits.


8. Check yourself out

Reputation management is key, but don’t strive for 5 out of 5 because your audience won’t trust it. When you do have negative feedback it’s key to respond quickly, politely and to the point, so that potential customers can see you are proactive.


9. Website content

With your website content, always be thinking – does this answer a question my preferred audience would be asking? With voice search becoming more prevalent, write it in a conversational fashion.


10. Video is key, use it wisely

Viewers retain 95% of a message in a video compared to 10% of the same message when in text.


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