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AbiBird is an affordable service that includes an unobtrusive activity sensor connected to a smartphone app.  AbiBird assists elderly people to remain independent for longer and provides family and carers with instant peace of mind.


The sensor unobtrusively tracks activity 24 hours a day in their home. If activity stops (e.g. due to a fall) or varies from the set routine, a notification is sent to the AbiBird app on the carer’s smartphone.


AbiBird takes minutes to install (no WiFi or 4G required), needs no charging and is powered by AA batteries that last up to 12 months.

The Access Care Suite gives you the freedom to deliver outstanding care. Including rostering, medication management, time & attendance, digital care planning and care delivery, invoicing, payroll, care compliance, purchasing and facilities management, we offer single solutions or the complete management suite to meet your needs.


Access solutions are used by over 4,000 community care and 3,000 residential care locations to deliver efficiency, compliance and outstanding care.

“We are a community based social housing provider operating in the West of England. We currently own and manage around 6,500 homes and employ 400 staff, have an annual turnover of £38 million and work in partnership with local, regional and national agencies to deliver our services.

As well as providing homes that are affordable in terms of rent and running costs, we also provide a range of care and support services to help individuals get the most out of life.”

Established in 1992, AFG is a leading health and social care charity supporting some 1,200 people and employing 2,500 staff predominantly in Northwest England.


We provide high quality community mental health services to the NHS through our independent hospital network and supported living services. We also provide person-centred, social care and supported living services to individuals with a diverse range of care needs including learning disabilities, autism and young people in transition.


We are passionate about creating a world where people control their lives.

“TEC-Angel is a monitoring and alert system to help vulnerable people, living alone, stay in their homes for longer; keeping their independence, dignity and privacy while giving those who care for them peace of mind.

Using discreet sensors around the home, door and room movements are monitored for unusual movements are monitored for unusual activity, or activity at odd times; sending an alert text should something occur outside of the everyday routine.


The TEC-Angel system is flexible and can be configured around most individuals’ lifestyles making it ideal for long term and short time use..”

“Our mission is to give older adults and their families theconfidence that ageing at home is truly possible.”

“Through our membership of the Secured by Design scheme, Burton Safes Ltd has more than one hundred products that meet Police Preferred Specification, proving that we are leading physical security specialists.


From our industry leading dual certified key safe to Europe’s highest rated vault, safes, security doors, grilles and bar sets... No one is better prepared, or experienced, to provide your physical security solution.


Burton Safes Ltd provide 24/7 service response to banks, national retailers and the public sector for locksmith and safe engineering. Design advice and installation is delivered on a global scale from an experienced and dedicated team of security professionals.”

Centra is one of UK’s largest providers of telecare services delivering a range of life-saving alarm and monitoring services to social care workers, housing associations, health professionals, local authorities and individuals.


Supporting over 100,000 customers across the country, our aim is to help people live safely and independently for longer. Our in-house Telecare team provide 24/7 call monitoring and support our clients with wellbeing checks, automated “I’m OK” calls and scheduled medication reminders. We also offer GPS-enabled devices for round-the-clock support away from home.


As industry leaders, we provide cutting-edge technology solutions and tailored support that help meet customers’ ever-changing needs.



“Charnwood Lifeline is an emergency response service which provides 24-hour support to vulnerable or elderly residents or anyone who would like that extra reassurance or assistance in case of an emergency. 


Our mission is to provide an excellent customer focused service, providing support which enables our clients to remain in their properties and lead an active independent life.

We provide direction, guidance and assistance to the sheltered housing service. This is achieved by providing and monitoring a 24/7 alarm based service.

Finally the team provide an out of hour repair reporting service for Charnwood Borough Council.”

Chiptech is a privately-owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of high quality telecare products that help people to maintain their health, independence and safety.  The use of advanced technology ensures that Chiptech solutions are at the forefront of the digital transformation.


Established in the year 2000, in Christchurch, New Zealand, Chiptech has grown into the leading provider of monitored personal alarms in Australasia, suppling over 200,000 of the current telecare systems to date. Chiptech now provides an established range of digital telecare systems and mPERS devices into the United Kingdom and Europe from a base in the UK


“ConcertCare offers telemedicine, telehealth, and E-Consultation solutions. These solutions enhance convenience and satisfaction for patients, provides reduced costs and improved efficiencies for hospitals, and allows the physician’s patients to take ownership of their health, improving the overall patient outcome.

ConcertCare's 5 star Platform is EMR agnostic and integrates into your EMR, EHR, and Practice Management systems, all of which you can customise, helping connect you to your patients.

Our platform provides physicians, hospitals, clinics, and employers with quick access to cost-effective medical services when needed. The 5 star Platform is Physician and Patient focused and offers exceptional customer satisfaction.”


“The Connected Health Virtual Care Hub is the first platform of its kind to integrate and converge proactive Telecare, TeleHealth and wellbeing analytics to provide clients and service providers with accurate, timely and ultimately essential data designed to reduce hospital admission, ensure earlier intervention as well as impact on social isolation and wider 'ageing well' essentials.


The team supports a wide range of services ranging from co-ordinating physical homecare to partner based healthcare products and services.


Unlike the traditional passive approach within many telecare solutions, Connected TEC offers bespoke proactive and agnostic infrastructural support across the UK and Ireland.”

Devon County Council is a local authority in the south west of the United Kingdom serving a population of over 750,000. It has an annual budget of approximately £1.3 billion and provides a range of services across the county. It promotes the use of TECS to:

  • enable people to become/remain independent, staying in their homes and accessing their communities;
  • provide more cost-effective solutions for supporting people;
  • support Carers;
  • achieve person-centred outcomes and promote self-care to support STP/Digital Roadmap priorities: Prevention, Early intervention, Self-care;
  • support SEND priorities: Preparation for Adulthood, Choice and Control, Health and Wellbeing.

DHI is an Innovation Centre created by the Scottish Government and Scottish Funding Council to support academic excellence through Scottish Universities as a commitment to innovation. 


Our vision is that innovation in digital health and care will help the Scottish population to live longer and healthier lives, while creating new jobs.  Our networks, reach and capabilities bring the right people together to identify, design, evaluate and invest in new solutions to the country’s prioritised health and care challenges.  


DHI work with a range of strategic partners (academic, Health and Care Sectors, Third Sector and Industry) across Scotland to deliver digital innovation in health and care.

The Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) provides impartial advice on daily living equipment and assistive technology for older and disabled people. Living made easy lists over 11,000 daily living products from 950 suppliers, along with clear, practical information written by healthcare professionals. 


Further advice is available on AskSARA, an online self-help guide covering over 90 daily living topics with personalised reports offering tailored advice on ways to help with daily activities. AskSARA can be licenced by local authorities, companies and charities to meet the needs of their residents, customers and members.


To find out more about DLF’s services please call 020 7289 6111 or email info@dlf.org.uk

Doctoralert.co.uk a business of the Digitex Global Ltd situated in 1 Scallows Close, Crawley, England, RH10 1QP, is into the business of medical alert devices. The company has been into the sales of medical alert devices and providing 24/7 monitoring services to the elderly, who are vulnerable to any  medical emergency situations such as heart attack, stroke, epilepsy etc.
These water resistant and GPS enabled devices come with various add on facilities such as no-movement or fall alerts. The monitoring services have been helping myriads of aged people to live an independent life, keeping safe at home and outside, providing a sigh of relief for their caregivers. 

Dorset County Council are looking to develop their Assistive Technology (AT) Service. We now have a team of 2 Occupational Therapists working full time to improve our AT offer.


We are working in partnership with our provider Millbrook to improve the range of technology we provide, how we can utilise AT to benefit an increased number of individuals and work in a more personalised way.


DCC are looking to run several pilots, focussing on our Community Mental Health services and our hospital discharge schemes. We are also working collaboratively with our local Health, police and Fire service.

Ebisu Health Limited is an online medical consultation service, delivered via secure video link by a team of GPs and Acute Care clinicians. The service provides advice and treatment on a range of acute minor illnesses and ailments with the emphasis being on urgent healthcare problems that require same-day advice and intervention. Ebisu aims to improve access to quality urgent care advice and treatment for all population groups.


The service is available 12 hours per day, 7 days per week between the hours of 9am to 9pm. Each consultation is 10 minutes. Private prescriptions, extended appointments and fit notes are offered as part of the service.


“Launched in 2015, everyLIFE Technologies is rapidly transforming social care through its intelligent care management platform, The PASSsystem. 


Eliminating time consuming paperwork, and dramatically reducing the risk of medicines mismanagement through the real time delivery and analysis of digital care notes, everyLIFE is driving up quality of care, while also delivering break through efficiencies and service compliance.” 

Herts Careline’s award-winning assistive technology service gives users the freedom and confidence to retain their independence in their own home.  Assistive technology, such as community alarms and telecare services, can provide much needed reassurance for users and their friends, families, and carers, as they know help is on hand at the press of a button, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Now in its 35th year of service, Herts Careline currently provides support for around 16,000 people across Hertfordshire and surrounding areas and takes around 1,000 calls a day - at least one third of these are life critical emergencies.

Inhealthcare is a digital health and telehealth provider working with NHS organisations to digitise care. Inhealthcare enables the NHS to deliver more care outside of hospitals to reduce pressures on overstretched NHS services and empower patients to better manage their own health.


We have a growing library of over 50 digital health services for a range of long term conditions, some of which include gestational diabetes, hypertension, smoking cessation, wound management, falls and undernutrition. We also enable the NHS to build their own digital services, for any area of care.


The Inhealthcare Toolkit allows clinical teams to build services quickly, at scale and at low cost.

Lewisham Homes is an enterprising, not-for-profit organisation, set up to improve housing in the borough.

As well as managing 19,000 homes on behalf of Lewisham Council, it operates its own maintenance company, builds new homes and finds valuable ways to invest in the local community.

It is taking full advantage of new technology, developing innovative services and placing residents right at the heart of everything they do. Lewisham Homes aims to make a real difference to the lives of the residents and communities living and working in the borough.


“Lincolnshire County Council is a high-performing upper-tier authority with a 4,500-strong workforce, delivering services to around 736,000 residents spread across a large rural area.

The Council supports residents to access telecare as part of its wider prevention agenda, reducing and delaying the need for escalation of the local population into costly care and health services.

The service incorporates a basic retail model alongside an Adult Care service which provides equipment to meet an assessed need. Currently over 3,500 people sign up for telecare each year with circa 2,000 leaving the service, a net increase of 1,500 per annum.”


“Medequip is the market leading provider of Community Equipment Services. We offer a fully integrated service to local authority and NHS commissioners, providing a single point of contact to allow services to be ordered simply and quickly. We work closely with other organisations in order to provide partnership approaches to delivers complimentary services such as TEC’s in an integrated way.

Medequip is the ‘one stop shop’ for independence equipment assessment and purchase. Through our www.manageathome.co.uk retail website and 0800 freephone helpline we support the purchase of equipment with product sourcing and advice for both professional, trade and end use customers.”


“Our vision is a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included. Our challenge, alongside people with a learning disability and their families, is to make this world a reality. Right now, people with a learning disability face inequalities in every area of life. We need to tackle the issues head on through tireless campaigning and the delivery of high quality support and services to the people who need us.”

MyLiferaft is a secure web-based solution to enable carers and those with long term conditions to stay on top of their care information.



MyLiferaft puts the individual at the centre of the care circle, allowing them to manage their condition, share information at their discretion, and support the practical aspects of their care.  Visit our website www.myliferaft.com to find out more.

It all started in 2002, when Swedish homecare professionals were asked to describe the biggest problems they faced. Key management turned out to rank much higher than anticipated. A solution to this problem became a starting point and Phoniro was founded in 2004. 


Since then, the company has developed rapidly, today providing several IT solutions for a secure, safe and effective health care, and thereby creating a better quality of life for our elderly. 


Being a Nordic market leader in welfare technology and e-health, Phoniro also aim to bring our know-how and technological solutions to the rest of Europe with own companies and distributors. Phoniro is since March 2018 part of Assa Abloy, maintaining full focus on IT solutions designed for assisted living, residential care, home care and functional disability.

Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCTCBC) is the second largest Local Authority in Wales.


The county borough was formed in 1996 following the abolition of the county of Mid Glamorgan and was formed by the merger of the former Mid Glamorgan districts of Rhondda, Cynon Valley and Taff Ely.  


RCTCBC has a 90 seat Contact Centre which also hosts the Local Health Board. Within the Centre is our dedicated 24/7 alarm receiving centre for Telecare activations and out of hours Council related emergencies.

We currently have over 3,000 alarm connections.

Sensara is a smart, easy to use lifestyle monitoring system. We offer products aimed at safety and independence at all stages of aging, without using any cameras.


With our HomeCare solution, Sensara helps elderly to live as long as possible safely and independently in their own home by warning care takers, family and friends when help is needed, without having to press a button.


For nursing homes, our ProCare solution provides their residents safety during the day and night while maintaining their independence, freedom and privacy by giving the care professionals insight into the situation and alerting them when help is needed.


“As the leading supplier of Telecare Equipment in B&NES and South Gloucestershire, we are committed to provide a high quality service to our users that exceeds their requirements and expectations by making our service uses our priority, and providing continuous improvements to the quality of our service and its delivery.


Developing close working relationships with other organisations, so we can identify needs and requirements and to work closely with them to source suitable solutions. We constantly source the latest equipment as well as keeping up to date with all new technology that becomes available, to keep ahead of our competitors.”


“Smartgate Solutions provides a range of Quality and Compliance systems for the Health and Social Care, Security and Transport sectors. We deliver personalised solutions that work for your organisation enabling:

  • Real time performance alerts and reports
  • Integrated Incident and Risk Management
  • Regulatory support and advice

We work with industry experts to ensure our solutions and services are tailored to the required regulations and standards.”

SweetTree Connect is a connected technology and digital telecare service.


Our mission is to use ambient and unobtrusive Internet of Things technology to transform the life experiences of elderly and vulnerable people living in the community.


We have built a sensor-based Technology Assisted Independent Living platform (TAIL) that offers safety and peace of mind for individuals, their families and carers.


The TAIL platform monitors movement, bed presence, temperature, and other aspects of the home environment. Bespoke rules and machine learning then determine when action is required. Actions can be a text message to a family, turning off a household appliance, or an automated alert to a call-centre.

Tab Care is an innovative health-tech company which specialises in digital health and specifically aims to improve the way older individuals are monitored while also reducing the costs associated with Telecare.

Tech for Care is a trading name for Digital Care Solutions Ltd. We are the first and only UK review, comparison and product listing platform, dedicated to software and innovative technologies used in the social care sector (and health).


We are creating a social care community resource where we can champion the digitization of the social care sector and promote more technology-enabled care services. As part of this focus, we deliver training, provide consultancy services and organise conferences/events.


We are also actively engaged in research projects that seek to further explore the relationship between technology and care and the future of the care industry.

We make it easier for people with disabilities to live, learn and be part of a world adapting to difference. We do this through:


1.    Specialist pre-school, primary, secondary and post 16 education services

2.    A further education college and a wide variety of day services for adults

3.    Residential services for all ages, transition and employability support and a range of training courses and workshops for parents and the professionals, who come to learn with us.


We are entrepreneurial, ambitious, and determined to inspire and support people with disabilities to achieve their ambitions, whatever they are.

UDMS Ltd (t/a Ulysses): a leading developer of software solutions for the care industry, specialising in Domiciliary, Elderly, Extra, and many other Care applications. Our flagship solution, Ulysses Newcare, is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive operations management suite, offering legendary productivity, covering all the complex aspects of organising care.


We pride ourselves on solutions that precisely fit our customers' business needs, whether looking for a simple client/staff records database or a complete administration management tool including rostering, payroll, invoicing, HR, recruitment, field based comms and more! The workflows within Ulysses are constantly being developed, flexibility is second to none.

Wacot Ltd are committed to delivering care technology solutions to self-funders in an affordable, accessible and honest format. Our packages include 24/7 monitoring of TECS equipment, but we also offer stand-alone solutions for those who want to look after loved ones themselves. Wacot Ltd also want to count for something bigger, that is why we are committed to providing a constant revenue stream to the Alzheimer’s Society by donating a percentage of our profits.


“Warwickshire County Council take on a wide range of roles, whether we are providing specialist care and support to the most vulnerable in our communities, or championing Warwickshire as a choice for business through our work to promote economic growth and innovation.


We pride ourselves on being an innovative employer that like to encourage new ways of working. Likewise, our ability to make decisions quickly is as important to us as it is to our customers.

We support our entire workforce to be best they can be. Our Behaviours provides a framework for understanding the expectations required from all our employees to support the cultural change and transformation of the organisation.”


“Welbeing is one of the leading telecare companies in the UK. We offer high quality, fully integrated managed services and work closely with our customers to develop innovative, cost effective solutions.  


Our vision is to be the number one service provider of technology enabled care services in the UK. To achieve this, we set high standards for ourselves and for those we work with. Our people live our values and vision every day of the year, every hour of the day.”

Wiltshire Council is a large unitary local authority in south west England; its vision is to create strong communities in Wiltshire.


The council, which is made up of 98 councillors, was created in 2009 and succeeded Wiltshire County Council and the four district councils of Kennet, North Wiltshire, Salisbury and West Wiltshire. 


It is currently run by a Conservative administration, led by Baroness Scott of Bybrook OBE.


The council delivers more than 350 services to the people of Wiltshire, from public health and social care to planning and street maintenance, schools and libraries.


Xuper are a supplier of managed telehealth solutions, from large setups for Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings (MDTs) to our completely portable cloud based application for video consultations. We develop, deliver and support innovative video solutions that enhance the delivery of healthcare. We believe that one solution does not suit everyone and we will tailor a package to meet each organisation’s requirements.


Our customers are only ever supplied with the highest quality and most secure products on the market today. Combined with our 5-star service, this has helped us to maintain a customer satisfaction rating of over 95% over the past decade.