Experts join TSA Team

Posted on 01 Mar, 2017

With the New Year come some new faces at TSA. We’re working with a number of experts to support our 350 plus members in key areas: health, social care, housing, procurement, technology and communications. This team will also be recruiting new members to TSA.

Please reach out to our new associates with any questions or requests for support and we’ll do our best to help you.

So, who are they?

Liz Ashall-Payne: Health

Liz has almost 20 years NHS experience. She has successfully led innovative change and service transformation in complex health economies. She is the founder of ORCHA, the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications.

Liz is passionate about how technology can improve health and care efficiencies and outcomes. For TSA she will be on hand to advise members on issues around healthcare and commissioning in the health economy. Liz will also be developing relationships with key organisations and influencers in the NHS and health sector with a view to supporting TSA members. She’ll also be tasked with recruiting new TSA members in the health space.

Liz can be contacted on Liz.Ashall-Payne@tsa-voice.org.uk

Rowan Atkins: Marketing and Communications

Rowan is a communications consultant with 17 years’ marketing and PR experience in the social care, housing, health and procurement sectors. She will be reviewing all TSA’s marketing activity and developing a new communications strategy for the organisation. A first step will be speaking to members to understand how they want TSA to communicate with them and what documents, information and resources will be of greatest value.

Rowan is also on hand to raise awareness of our members’ work: their achievements, initiatives and latest projects. Please get in touch with your news.

Rowan can be contacted on rowan@rowanatkins.co.uk

Nathan Downing: Social Care and Housing

Nathan Downing is a telecare consultant with over 10 years’ experience of commissioning, reviewing and designing TEC programmes for local authorities and housing providers. He will be leading on social care and housing for TSA and will work specifically with commissioners and strategic leads in local authorities, CCGs, housing associations, TEC providers, independent sector domiciliary care and community health providers.

Nathan will support TSA members with: TEC service health checks, benefits evaluation, commissioning strategy, service and policy development and TEC training and awareness.

Nathan can be contacted on: nathan.downing@tsa-voice.org.uk

Caroline Hardwick: Procurement

For 14 years, Caroline was a commissioner in the NHS, procuring primary, acute and community services. She also worked on service re-design, having successfully taken costly services out of hospital and into primary and community settings. As an operational manager for a health service, Caroline managed referrals for 230,000 patients.

Caroline leads on TSA’s partnership with procurement specialist Inprova. This collaboration seeks to help local authorities, housing associations, CCGs and hospitals to improve how they commission, procure and provide TEC services. Caroline is currently developing a range of procurement services for TSA members.


Caroline can be contacted on: chardwick@inprovagroup.com

Steve Sadler: Technology

Steve has worked in the telecare or technology-enabled care industry for 20 years, and until recently was Chief Technology Officer for Tunstall Healthcare. He studied physics at Trinity College, Cambridge, and the earlier years of his professional life were devoted to the design of nuclear reactors and their associated control systems. A continued and keen interest in the delivery of complex and safety-critical systems, invariably with software at their core, was directed then into rail and metro applications, before moving to the application of technology within life-critical, health and care systems.

Steve is a technology strategy associate for TSA. He’s working on TSA’s digital roadmap and is available to advise TSA members on technology issues, particularly the effectiveness and direction of technology enabled care.

Steve can be contacted on: steve.sadler@tsa-voice.org.uk