NHS Health Apps Library closes

Posted on 14 Oct, 2015

The NHS Health Apps Library was launched as part of NHS Choices in March 2013 amidst a blaze of publicity.
The library included a range of health apps with some social care apps that had gone through a review process.
There has been controversy over the NHS apps library over recent weeks with the publication of a paper that identified concerns over data privacy.
However, the library has now closed and a pilot app library for mental health was launched in March 2015, with plans for similar NHS Choices resources to cover other topics.
We have yet to see how this will be developed.
The iTunes App Store opened 10 July 2008 and there are many thousands of medical, fitness, health and wellbeing apps included in the current store.
It is disappointing that over seven years later, the NHS does not yet have robust systems in place for accrediting apps that could play a significant part in helping people self-manage their health and fitness.  We hope to pick this up at conference.