Older drivers required for technology trial

Posted on 19 Feb, 2018

A technology company is looking for 500 drivers over the age of 65 years to take part in a new research project designed to help elderly drivers stay on the road safely for longer.

The volunteers, who need to be based in the north west of England, will participate in a project to test a new driver monitoring system developed by Satsafe that can detect changes in an individual’s driving pattern that could indicate, for example, deterioration in eyesight or reaction times.

Combining black box technology and dash cameras with data analytics, Satsafe’s ‘Telematicam’ is described as a ‘plug and play innovation that provides safety and security benefit to users and their families’.

Tiny ‘ultra-sensitive’ sensors built in to the system form an accurate picture of how safely a car is being driven, gathering information on acceleration, braking and cornering forces as well harsh braking events at junctions which, according to Satsafe, can be an early indicator of failing eyesight.

Satsafe says the technology can also protect a driver who had been driving safely when a collision has taken place, providing confirmation that they weren’t speeding or driving erratically at the time.

Stuart Millward, Satsafe CEO, said: “Maintaining our independence and mobility for as long as possible is important to so many of us, but safety can be a concern for all involved. 

“We are really looking forward to working with our volunteers to trial our technology and help develop additional features that will provide real benefit and peace of mind to themselves and family members. 

“Ultimately we want to enable people to stay mobile for as long as possible, while it is safe for them to do so.

“The key here is early intervention – notifying families when a parent’s driving habits have changed, which may just indicate that an eye test is needed, could save lives, but can also provide reassurance if there is concern about the onset of dementia, which could impair driving ability. ”

Road safety professionals wanting to know more about the project, and older drivers who are interested in volunteering to participate in the trial, should contact Satsafe by email.

More information here: http://roadsafetygb.org.uk/news/older-drivers-required-for-technology-trial/