Solon Security introduce the UK’s first and only Dual Certified key safe

Posted on 13 Mar, 2018

Attack-tested and Sold Secure Bronze, with Police Preferred Specification the Keyguard XL, manufactured by Burton Safes, has been tested on outdoor walls to the same security level as a domestic front door.

Key safes are an increasingly important feature of household security and assistive technology, allowing authorised access to residential properties for relatives, care workers, cleaners and first responders in the event of an emergency,

“Independent attack tests and accreditations don’t lie”, says Mark Fleming, Solon Security’s General Manager, “as the only model to achieve Dual Certified status, the Keyguard XL has clearly set the new standard for key safe security and performance. Solon are delighted to bring these new standards to our customers and their end users.”

Keyguard XL - attack-tested to both LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR1 and Sold Secure Bronze, with Police Preferred Specification


As well as the industry-first achievement in attack-testing, the Keyguard XL has also been designed with users in mind. The high visibility, 12 push-button keypad allows over 4,000 potential combinations and is complimented by an ergonomic dial and improved internal hook for hanging keys.

The weatherproof rubber cover provides year-round protection and features four ready-prepared guide holes that can be used as a drilling template, eliminating the need to hold the heavy key safe in place when marking up for installation.

“Ease of installation is an important factor for so many users”, continues Fleming,

“the template on the rear of the cover is such a simple but effective addition to the design and has received nothing but praise since introduction. The streamlined installation process means there is no insurance requirement for certified installers or time-consuming training courses, so users can start enjoying the benefits straight away.”


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