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How Tactics for Growth and Innovation Saw Taking Care Thrive Through Covid-19

Steve Gates, Managing Director of Taking Care discusses their tactics for growth and innovation and how by listening to customers and being adaptable, flexible and resilient, the organisation has maintained momentum in meeting growth goals, despite Covid-19.

" In the age of Covid-19, Taking Care has demonstrated that adaptability and resilience is imperative in order to respond quickly and effectively to changing customer needs and an unpredictable business landscape. Despite the very real challenges that Covid-19 has brought with it, we have managed to not only deliver our high standard of service as normal, but also keep on top of a growth strategy that would see us effectively double our customer numbers by 2025.

It goes without saying that recent events have had a huge impact on businesses the World over and telecare and telehealth providers are tackling a new operational reality brought about by the pandemic. The challenge of maintaining business continuity and meeting the needs of vulnerable customers has greatly highlighted the need for telecare providers to be as adaptable and resilient as possible.

I feel like our successful navigation through these challenging times is in part because we are agile, but also because our innovation and goals are very much customer-focused and customer-led. We are able to do this because the majority of our customers are private pay customers, and the learning and experience we gain is used for the benefit of our B2B customers.

It is not just the operational challenges that need to be addressed in a crisis such as we have with Covid-19. Particularly in the areas of telehealth and telecare, many customers are highly vulnerable and some will be hit harder by the changes than others, especially if their network of care has been restricted. As a subsidiary of AXA Health, Taking Care have access to resources that can directly benefit our alarm users, enabling us to offer additional support during difficult times like this.

We recently piloted scheme, whereby our most vulnerable customers received a wellbeing call from Taking Care and were offered free access to the AXA Medical Helpline and prescription services. These services meant that customers could get expert medical advice from qualified nurses without having to visit doctor’s surgeries or add to the demand on NHS resources. They could talk to trained pharmacists about their medication whilst remaining safe and comfortable at home. A service like this can provide great peace of mind to our customers and their families at a time where they may be reluctant or unable to go into doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. We also trialled a similar approach using the Dr@Hand online GP service that AXA Health provides to their customers.

Part of our strategy includes increasing the range of devices we offer, as driven by customer demand and feedback. In the last six months we have added three new devices to our product offering in order to meet a wider range of customer needs and to enable us to start engaging with customers at an earlier stage of the customer journey. I think one of the things that makes us a little different from other TEC companies though is that we have made a strategic decision to be completely technology-agnostic. This gives us the flexibility to find the best-in-class providers, without ever being tied to one product. It also means that our focus is on the life-saving service we provide as a priority over the technology.

Taking a multi-faceted approach to dealing with the challenges that Covid-19 and a UK wide lockdown brings is what has enabled us to continue to deliver an uninterrupted service to our customers from the outset. We’re really proud of what we’ve managed to achieve as a team during these universally challenging times."

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