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How virtual TEC training became core business overnight

Training Associate Samantha Davies shows how she and her team adapted TSA's training provision within weeks to serve the workforce needs of the technology enabled care industry during Covid-19.


As a Training TSA Associate, I’ve enjoyed travelling the length and breadth of the country meeting teams and helping to develop workforces. Then “Lockdown” happened and everything literally changed overnight.

The focus then became, how can we help?

Organisations were firefighting to keep services active for those who needed TEC services, so our attention then became about offering support and guidance to organisations that were drafting in volunteers and staff from other services to help during these difficult times. Suddenly the shift moved from delivering face to face training, to creating short introductory guides and developing and presenting webinars quickly to upskill workforces up and down the country.

I’d attended webinars but it was a first for me to actually present one, and I have to say it was a strange experience. When training teams face to face, you’re building an atmosphere with the team throughout the day. When you’re presenting a webinar, the focus becomes about getting the message across in less than an hour, and adapting the materials to make sure you’re getting the key messages across, and as a presenter you’re talking to your computer screen.

As we were all learning to adapt, we needed to also consider that we didn’t know how long the “lockdown” would continue, and as with all organisations we had to look at ways to adapt the training we offer to external organisations. So, in May we introduced the delivery of the CPD accredited training for Call Handling and Assessing for Telecare virtually. Having already delivered training to Accessible Homes, Delta Wellbeing and Secom and further sessions planned for the coming months this new form of training has been well received:

The virtual training that Delta Wellbeing received from TSA was really valuable to our TEC team and is helping us to continually deliver our service and improve the work that we do. Over a dozen staff members participated and all thought that the content was great and the way the training was delivered was easy to follow. The whole team enjoyed the training and even though all were in remote offices and homes, they all were able to easily contribute and got a lot out of the session. Paul, TEC Manager, Delta Wellbeing
"The virtual format works well. You explained everything in good detail and this allowed us to see how things work in real time on the system." Marco, TEC Lead, Independent Living Service.

We don’t know what the future holds but what we do know is that it may end up being a blended approach to training in the future to gain the best of both worlds. We are now looking at ways that we can develop and expand on the training we offer. We have a Discussion Forum available on the TSA website and there is a section specifically for training, so please jump on and let us know what training and development you’re needing as we move forward and what your workforce challenges are. And, how you'd like the training to be delivered? Alternatively, get in touch at and share your thoughts. All feedback is welcome!

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