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My First 40 Days In 'Office'


For those who don’t know me I’m Rachael Forbister. I’ve worked in the Technology Enabled Care industry for almost nine years and the journey has been amazing. My involvement in TECS has led me to take up a national post with TEC Quality, a subsidiary of TSA – The Voice of Technology Enabled Care to help drive forward the Quality Standards of both provider and suppliers in the market. And quality assurance has never been more important than during a public health crisis such as Covid-19.

I’m known for being a little talkative, super passionate about TEC (I’m sure I talk about it in my sleep!) and for taking a selfie – in fact lots of selfies!

I’ve worked across health and social care for 12 years and have a wealth of experience in project and programme management, development and people management. I know the industry really well and know many of TSA’s members through my work and meeting at events.

My ambition for the Quality Standards Framework is to extend its membership deeper into the Health sector and make it truly representative of the industry and how we can drive health and social care integration through the use of digital technology.

I joined TEC Quality 40 days ago

I never imagined I’d start a new role during a pandemic. But I have to say that my experience of induction and being absorbed into the TSA Team has been amazing and all-encompassing. My manager and two colleagues prepared an excellent virtual induction. My laptop, monitor and phone were delivered to the house, I got set up in my new office space and was ready to dive in. Certain members of the team have been my absolute rocks helping to guide me through the company processes, answering without hesitation some of my most basic questions and have helped me immensely.

Joining the team has been brilliant

Everyone has made me feel so welcome. I feel completely at home with some really special people who are all so dedicated to the TSA mission! I’ve still got lots to learn and my knowledge around quality standards will develop over time but I’m absolutely loving it. I bring a fresh perspective and a drive to want to make quality the focus across the industry which will help to ensure a quality and safer service for the end user.

Working virtually does have its benefits

I’ve been able to have regular team meetings with everyone involved which is usually challenging with people spread across the country. I’ve not had to travel much which means I’ve been able to immerse myself into my work and get involved in a variety of things. I’ve been able to connect with a great deal more people which has been hugely beneficial to my journey.

The only challenge I’ve had is the internet - I have to share it with a 16-year old in the house who streams 3 devices at the same time, as well as blasting the music! She’s a good kid though so I really shouldn’t complain!

If you had asked me six months ago if I could have taken up a new job without travelling to a single place I would have laughed at you and said ‘no way!’ but I’ve been proved wrong. We have all got used to this new way of working. MS Teams, Zoom and GoTo meetings are stable tools on my computer and my life line to the outside world. They’ve helped me connect in ways I didn’t think were possible. And I don’t have to wear a mask which is even better!

3 important things I’ve learnt:

  • Create a comfortable and safe workspace - this has become my sanctuary
  • The outdoors helps balance the increased screen time – a morning run or an evening walk is essential to my physical and mental health
  • Allow the teenager to sleep until late afternoon so that the internet access is good - that way everyone is happy.


My Typical Day (During Covid-19)

6.30 am – Wake up

7.00 am – Go for a run or walk or chill

7.45 am – Time to get ready for work with breakfast and shower and coffee

8.45 am – Start work

All day – Video calls, emails, phone calls, work and planning

5.45 pm/ 6.30 pm – finish work

7.00 pm – Family time and dinner

8.30 pm – Walk and music time

I'm happy getting to know anyone in the TEC sector, get in touch at








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