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What drives me to do what I do in TEC

Paul Berney, Anthropos' marketing lead reveals how moving across from the corporate world to an industry that holds its mission close to its heart was an easy life decision.

It seems to me that almost everyone I have met in social care has an ‘origin story’ of some kind that explains how they started working in the sector. For many it appears that the personal experience of looking after an older loved one has prompted a desire to want to do things differently or better. This seems true of people working as carers, running care companies or the companies that provide them with technology. In fact, I have rarely met anyone working in care who doesn’t have a personal story of why social care means so much to them.

For my own part it took just 30 minutes for me to decide to set aside almost 15 years of working in mobile marketing to join Anthropos. Once our CEO Jim Patience had shared his vision for what we could do with the platform I wanted to be part of it. The reason was simple, I believe in the ‘why’ of Anthropos.

What Jim shared with me three years ago was a vision of improving the lives of others and of doing something meaningful in my role (not that there’s anything wrong with helping people sell more stuff – it’s just not as rewarding). Even without my own personal origin story it was easy for me to imagine the power of connected care in my life. My parents are in their mid 80’s and live 200 miles away from me. I am the closest geographically of their four children. As they have aged, each has had a major health scare and left me wondering how they will cope when they are alone. They are very firmly part of the ‘we didn’t want to bother you’ generation and that lack of communication only serves to increase my anxiety about their wellbeing. So, the idea of being able to check in an instant if they are OK, if they need help right now or if things are changing in their daily routines has huge appeal. The promise of Anthropos, of having reassurance when I can’t be there, is what brought me to the care market.

Leaving behind an industry where I had built a career and where I was considered an international expert on a subject, should have been a tough decision. Indeed, many former colleagues and peers, questioned the wisdom of joining a market where I knew little and would effectively have to start from the bottom. But the choice was so easy that I had already said ‘yes’ to joining Anthropos before considering the implications of starting in a new market. But we are not just delivering technology for the sake of it. I firmly believe that Technology Enabled Care has the power to transform care, not just disrupt it, by acting as an enhancement to the irreplaceable personal care that many older people in this country rely on.

As a company we have tried very hard to keep the needs of older people at the heart of what we do. As an individual, this is easier to do when I can keep my own parents front of mind and think about their care needs. And here I am not alone, because every member of the Anthropos team has our system installed in the home of a loved one. We understand that the intelligence that we can provide to families and carers will help them make better informed care decisions. Every one of us understands the power and value of reassurance.

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