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A Bold SCAIP solution for Telecare monitoring

As telecare monitoring organisations consider their options for the 2025 PSTN switch off, many are  asking – how do we manage the switchover from analogue to All IP?  The vast majority of the estimated 1.7 million telecare users in the UK still remain on PSTN lines and, while short term workarounds may provide a stop gap solution, there are few signs that the 2025 deadline will be extended.  

In response to the range of new Telecare products now available which support the SCAIP IP protocol, Bold Communications has launched a testing program with a number of manufacturers to identify those products which have developed a full implementation of the protocol.  The SCAIP protocol is already widely used in other parts of Europe and with increasing UK demand from users of the Bold Gemini monitoring platform. 

The first such product to be successfully tested is the TeleAlarm TA74 unit, with the first UK accredited telecare monitoring centre being Hawkeye Security Care, which has now gone live with SCAIP Telecare.  The Bold Gemini SCAIP rollout continues with a number of other leading telecare manufacturers and European monitoring service providers. 

While the new digital networks are causing disruption not just in telecare but across a number of sectors, they also offer huge opportunities.  In the analogue environment, it has never been possible to converge data, audio and video at the high level, that is, in the monitoring platform.  This capability now supports monitoring of a far wider feature set within the telecare products.  Not only telecare but GPS-based tracking solutions, fire, intruder and panic alarms as well as CCTV and despatch operations can all be handled with a common user interface at the workstation.          

Bold Communications Managing Director commented, “We see the advent of All IP as a significant opportunity for the telecare sector.  Not only providing a platform for interoperability but enabling manufacturers to break out of the constraints imposed by relying on telephone lines and also allowing monitoring service providers to offer a more secure, reliable and wider range of services.”

For more details about the Bold Gemini Telecare monitoring solution, please call 01392 264777 or email  For information about Hawkeye Security Care, call 0808 1644440 or visit



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