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Chubb selects’s cloud-native Alarmbridge to expand its telecare alarm communication services



15 August 2023


Chubb, one of the UK’s leading fire safety and security solution providers, selects’s cloud-native communications platform to handle critical alarm communication for its telecare solutions.

The platform, with its Alarmbridge offering, enables Chubb to expand its telecare offerings and makes the company well-positioned for the digital transformation and UK’s upcoming analogue network switch-off.

With the digital switchover underway and due to be completed by 2025, Chubb recognises that not all housing providers will be able to meet this date. In anticipation of extending the lifespan of analogue systems beyond this date within the telecare sector, Chubb has signed an agreement with to increase its ability to fulfil future telecare alarm communication demands while supporting current needs.

This means new digital-based alarm communication functionalities co-existing with legacy analogue-based systems. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, Chubb can now provide an alternative transition path and migrate customers in a stepwise fashion.

Shaun Moscrop, General Manager at Chubb, said: “We wanted a communications platform provider that understood the challenges that this transition would bring and, in doing so, could help us better support our customers to tackle the digital shift. This new collaboration leverages our existing infrastructure and capabilities while rapidly bringing modern, reliable alarm communication offering to market.”

Gunnar Reinholdsen, co-founder at, “We are very proud to be working with Chubb, one of the leading providers of telecare and telehealth products in the UK, and with a long history in the UK telecare space. Our cloud-native platform is designed to specifically address the requirements that come with mission-critical real-time alarm services. This is why we are confident that the platform and its Alarmbridge offering is ideal for Chubb and its solutions for dispersed housing and group living”.

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