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Enabling independent living via personalised technology solutions


2​3 June 2023

Thoughts of Richard Keyse, CEO & Founder, 2iC Care

Social care and housing teams have a shared mission to leverage technology to increase independence for service-users and residents. When assisted living or extra care residents have greater independence, they often experience improvements in their physical and mental wellbeing. This alleviates pressure on already stretched health, care and housing services.

The longer that service-users can care for themselves, the better their wellbeing. If technology can be used to identify concerning behavioural, health or wellbeing changes, then carers can intercept any problems or incidents before they occur. Due to the Analogue to Digital switchover the care sector is currently going through a revolutionary change from purely reactive care, which is expensive with poorer outcomes, to proactive and preventative solutions.

Proactive and preventative solution can drive efficiencies as care can be delivered by the right person and the right time with the right information.

Personalised monitoring, is widely acknowledged as the key to unlocking independence, but why?

Every service-user is different with different risks and concerns. No one solution is suitable for everyone and hence service-users need a flexible monitoring solution that can be configured for their needs using different devices and monitoring rules to raise an alarm or identify when an alert to carers is needed.

The quality of remote monitoring, in any environment, is only as good as the combination and quality of data that is creating the alarms and alerts which trigger early intervention or alarm response. The more personalised the data is to an individual, the higher quality the remote monitoring will be.

How can housing and care teams deliver personalised outcomes?

Andi uses open technology to connect to any peripheral type from virtually any manufacturer so care packages can be personalised per individual and housing services can use one digital solution to meet a wide range of care needs within one scheme.

Andi’s hub transports the raw data from peripherals within a home to the cloud where Andi smartly turns this raw data into actionable insights to help professionals provide earlier care intervention. How Andi spots opportunities for early intervention is entirely configurable for each housing or care service.

Technology which can help to support individuals' independence is now being built into housing stock and choosing the right solution is vital to deliver better outcomes.


To hear more, j​oin Richard for the opening session at Housing 2023, on the 27 June in Manchester.

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