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Guinness Partnership to transform housing for older people with Appello digital telecare



Guinness Partnership, a leading national provider of housing and care, is transforming its housing for older people with Appello’s digital telecare suite Smart Living Solutions (SLS). This move is part of Guinness’s plans to modernise its service offering for older people’s housing, helping its customers to live independently.

Guinness is consulting with its customers to gauge interest in a new package of services for older people for environmental, dementia friendly, independent living and technology improvements. As part of its new technology service offering, Guinness is introducing Appello’s digital telecare solution to 30 of its developments across England. Customers will benefit from the modern advantages of flat to flat and customer to manager video calls and video door entry for individual homes and communal areas

Appello’s SLS can also integrate with Guinness’s ‘Go Guinness’ online self-service portal and app, designed to give its customers greater independence and freedom to report issues, view bills, pay rent, schedule repairs and keep their details up to date from a user-friendly tablet.

The Guinness Partnership was founded nearly 130 years ago and is one of the largest affordable housing and care providers in England with more than 140,000 customers across the country, living in more than 65,000 homes.

Independent Living Managers are supported with the new digital telecare solution, with the option of an ‘I’m OK’ dashboard in its management platform. Offered as an optional service for the Guinness customer, a manager can recognise if anyone hasn’t pressed their button in the morning, helping them to plan their home checks more efficiently and improve their time management. The digital alarm system also reduces connection times to Appello’s monitoring centre from minutes to just a few seconds, making a significant difference to emergency or life-threatening situations.

Wendy Wells, Head of Policy and Business Implementation at Guinness Care, said: “We want to give our customers digital telecare technology that enables them to live as independently as possible. Over the past 10 years there’s been a shift in requirements from our customers, particularly with an increased demand for more digital inclusion and modern homes that they are proud to live in and don’t show obvious signs of ageing; like traditional pull-cords for alarm systems.

The new digital solution meets heightening customer demand for modern independent living and promotes digital inclusion. “Appello’s offering is modern, well designed and fit for purpose, with one system alone giving us the ability to be responsive, preventative and promote digital inclusion. Whilst benefiting from the many advantages of digital solutions, we’re also ready for the current phased digital switchover of the analogue to digital telephone network by 2025.

Tim Barclay, CEO of Appello, said: “The Guinness Partnership has exciting aspirations to meet changing resident expectations and adopt new innovations. We are delighted to partner with them on these new initiatives to meet the present and future safety and well-being needs of its customers.

“Its vision for housing for older people is forward thinking and will help to support the welfare and independence of an ever growing ageing population.”


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