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How can partnerships with technology enabled care services provide more connected and integrated care?



1​7 March 2023


Responses to COVID-19 have sped up the adoption of digital technologies across the care continuum by several years. Technology enabled care services help support people in their own homes by helping to increase both their independence and their confidence, whilst reassuring informal and formal carers and preventing care needs escalating.

At The Access Group we are aware of the challenges that are currently facing local authorities in ensuring they are delivering more proactive, preventative person-centred care. We understand the importance of establishing support to enable people to live in the place they call home, with the people and things they love, in communities where they look out for one another, doing what matters to them.

We are aware that this can only be successful by working in collaboration and this article will explain why partnerships are important in delivering more integrated care, and how our partnerships with our customers at The Access Group have achieved this.

We will explain some of the benefits that our customers have experienced since working with us and how we are looking forward to sharing, in more detail, the future of insight-led integrated care at the Knowledge and Networking Talk we will be hosting at the TSA ITEC event later this month.

Why are partnerships important for local authorities to deliver more connected and joined up care?

In order to get the best outcomes and value when delivering more connected and integrated care, transitioning to digital is essential. To do that local authorities need to partner with companies that both have the tools and flexibility to adapt to local authority’s and end-user’s needs as they change.

Our digital telecare service provides positive reassurance by allowing loved ones and carers to be able to view daily activity levels via a consumer friendly mobile app. Users can create their own personalised alerts that can reassure or send worry notifications. Smart alerts can flag any unusual changes in activity automatically. Additional reassurance is provided via the safety net of an alarm system linked to a 24/7 alarm receiving centre.

At The Access Group, our customers believe our partnerships with them have provided them the tools to adapt to best suit their end-users needs both now and in the future.

Airtel Vodafone, one of our partners, was selected by the Government of Jersey to help in their transformation of their care services under their new and reviatlised Care Model. We are working collaboratively with Airtel Vodafone to create a proposal and a phased plan to:

  • Redesign their technology enabled care services to be more person-centred
  • Migrate to digital connectivity
  • Grow their services to include prevention
  • Integrate data and insights into the Jersey Care Record

Through a collaborative approach with Airtel Vodafone and The Government of Jersey, the outcomes so far have been warmly welcomed with over 95% of their self-funding, users choosing to switch to the new service.

Ben Laffoley, B2B & IOT Managerat Airtel Vodafone also states that:

“The feedback we have received from service users and healthcare professionals has been very positive. Users are benefitting from enhanced call quality and greater reliability and the new system means that the team at HCS24 can now monitor whether a device is working properly when previously they could not. This gives added reassurance to service users and their families.”

Our partnership with Airtel Vodafone demonstrates how important it is for local authorities to work collaboratively with companies that supply technology and digital tools to achieve their aims and objectives, whilst helping overcome the challenges they are faced with.

For more information on Airtel Vodafone’s journey with us so far discover our case study today and see what the future of our partnership has in store.

How can partnerships with The Access Group help you deliver more connected and integrated care?

At The Access Group our digital telecare helps promote positive outcomes by helping local authorities stretch their budgets further by managing demand and capacity better, as well as reduce the frequency of expensive reactive crisis driven interventions in a time where budgets are constrained to ensure individuals can live and stay in their homes for longer.

Since Airtel Vodafone started working with us and the Government of Jersey we have received great feedback from a variety of their end users.

One of the end users has stated that:

Having the alarm gives me reassurance. It gives you that independence. If I fell outside, where I usually have my falls, the old alarm didn’t work. This system is much better.”

Our technology enabled care at The Access Group helps support decision making, including planning and reviewing so we can help provide ‘just enough support’ than ‘just in case support.’

We are more than just a digital social alarm ecosystem. We offer both a reactive alarm functionality and proactive digital monitoring of day-to-day activities to offerpreventative and sustainable care delivery.

We are aware of the importance and need for interoperability across health and social care to form more joined up and integrated services focussed on the person. Our technology helps address this key gap to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Our technology enabled care is interoperable not only with third party hardware, but soon will integrate with other systems including Access Mosaic Social Care Case Managementto ensure easier provision of insight to improve care planning, reviewing and provision of outcomes.

We cannot wait to share more information on this, as well as the benefits our customers have experienced since working with us at our Knowledge and Networking Talk at the TSA ITEC Conference.

We have been TEC certified since 2019; the certification shows our products meet a set of criteria set by the TSA around quality, innovation and safety.

Come and join us at TSA ITEC 2023 as we share how our services are becoming interoperable across health and social care and the benefits delivered.

In the meantime, you can discover more about our technology enabled care and digital telecaretechnologies today.





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