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KCOM opens facilities for device testing

KCOM have opened a testing facility and are inviting any TSA member wishing to test their devices to visit their site. They have a set up a range of test lines - TDM, MSAN, VOIP - 1 ISDN2, 1 ISDN30 , 2 TDM copper, 2 MSAN as 2 VOIP (ONT) test lines - to allow members to connect their equipment to prove services work on TDM then test via other access methods and route calls over their Softswitch network to any external equipment located elsewhere.

To book a slot, email with Subject Header “Test Facility Booking Request” with the name of your Company requesting the facility , test plan, how long the testing is expected to take and requirements over and above the line options above.

"Members will be able to test what they believe is enough to ensure their equipment works across the KCOM network and out to the wider telephony network," says KCom manager Michael Cunningham.

The test facilities are in:-

Kingston House
Salvesen Way

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