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Launching at ITEC 2023 – Taking Care’s Predictive Pendant™ Risk Analysis

2​3 March 2023


Launching at ITEC 2023 – Taking Care’s Predictive Pendant™ Risk Analysis

Join us at ITEC 2023 where we will be lifting the lid on how you can deliver prevention TODAY using your existing analogue alarm equipment.

Taking Care’s Steve Gates, MD and Daniel Lennox, Head of Sales and Marketing will be sharing insights on Day 2’s Knowledge and Networking session: ‘Delivering prevention via analogue alarm data’ – 12:40-13:25. They’ll be exploring how Taking Care is harnessing the power of data to identify earlier points of intervention; our new programme uses patterns of pendant presses to identify service users at highest risk of death and residential care.

You will also be able to collect your FREE data insights report ‘Delivering prevention today. Saving lives. One analogue alarm at a time.’ from our stand #42, showing how you can deliver this type of preventative intervention yourself.

Why your personal alarm data is important

Personal alarm users create lots of data! Technology Enabled Care (TEC) touches the lives of over 2 million people across the UK, in a variety of settings. Each interaction is therefore valuable to those individuals in keeping them safe and secure and allowing them to lead the life that they want to lead.

In addition, as every customer interacts with providers of TEC they create data. This might be from an emergency call to fall detection, or even an accidental pendant activation. At Taking Care we have undertaken a data-led programme to identify whether it is possible to use patterns within this type of data to predict declining health amongst our Loved One customers or service users.

By analysing the frequency, timing, and nature of interactions, Taking Care has explored whether it is possible to identify trends that are associated with a higher risk of declining health and emergency calls, and created a model – Taking Care’s Predictive Pendant™ Risk Analysis.

Taking Care’s trove of pendant customer data

At Taking Care we constantly look for patterns in our data and analyse how our customers use our service. We do this proactively to improve both our service for our private pay customers and the service users of our corporate clients. Our data-driven approach shapes our Technology Enabled Care (TEC) services to be more innovative, co-produced and person-centric.

As the largest private pay alarm service provider in the UK, we feel uniquely privileged to draw upon a valuable trove of anonymised personal alarm data that we can collect and use in a proactive and preventative way.

The prevention opportunity to seize today

Many of the industry discussions about prevention resolve around the application of new digital technologies and ‘big data’.

However, at Taking Care we believe we should not have to wait for ‘sometime’ in the future to be able to support our Loved One customer with proactive, preventative care. In our opinion the TEC industry should be able to reap the benefits of a long-term collection of data around the usage of analogue personal alarms – where the true definition of ‘big data’ spans back over 35 years.

With the increasing pressures on the NHS and social care sectors it’s even more imperative to act now where we can and to demonstrate that the TEC industry can play an important role in integrating the requirements of health and social care.

New insight report – ‘Delivering Prevention Today. Saving lives. One analogue alarm at a time’

Launching at ITEC 2023 is Taking Care’s latest data science led insight report ‘Delivering Prevention Today’ detailing how we have harnessed our ‘hidden’ alarm data to build a preventative model to identify those at risk, establish potential points of intervention, and take proactive action right now. The report is designed as a helpful guide to assist commissioners and telecare professionals and give practical help to:

-Deliver prevention right now using existing analogue equipment and with no extra investment

-Easily identify and more effectively build a pipeline of potential care users by harnessing their own ‘hidden’ service user data

Join Steve Gates and Daniel Lennox on Day 2 – Knowledge and Networking session ‘Delivering prevention via analogue alarm data’ – 12:40-13:25 and explore how you can harness the power of your ‘hidden’ alarm call data. Pick up your copy of the report from us at stand #42.





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