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Mascot Telecare and London Fire Brigade

Posted on 01 Mar, 2017

In October 2016, telecare and community support services provider MASCOT was awarded funding from the London Fire Brigade to help increase fire safety within the borough.

This project is now underway and MASCOT is working with householders who are vulnerable for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Sensory impairment, vision and/ or hearing loss
  • Mobility difficulties
  • Habits – smoking, alcohol and drugs, prescription and recreational
  • Hoarding issues, unsafe use of heaters/electrical equipment
  • Decision-making difficulties
  • A history of slips, trips and falls
  • People who can’t/won’t commit to buying safety equipment

MASCOT is installing monitoring equipment, which is compatible with telecare, in the homes of certain householders. For example, this might include a sensory impaired smoke alarm system that is linked to the MASCOT system (depending on the client this could be a strobe or vibrating pad).  All installations include smoke detectors installed to BS5839 Standards and each installation follows the MASCOT Fire Alarm Installations procedure which helps to identify risk areas.

MASCOT staff are delivering telecare awareness sessions throughout the borough, starting with council staff and rolling out to colleagues in the voluntary sector and also to carer and service user groups.

Funding from the London Fire Brigade covered:

  • 16x Sensory impaired smoke alarm systems including: dispersed alarm, pendant and sensory smoke alarm kit
  • 10x MASCOT standard alarm kits including dispersed alarm, pendant and smoke alarms
  • 12x Telecare Awareness Sessions
  • MASCOT and the London Fire Brigade are working closely together to:
  • Highlight vulnerable members of the public and refer appropriately
  • Fulfil the requirements and recommendations of the home fire safety risk matrix
  • Refer vulnerable people directly and assist with education and advice
  • Help tackle targets of primary fires and injuries more effectively, in particular with the more vulnerable and less affluent members of the Borough

For more information on this project, please contact Suzette Simon, Mascot Manager, Mascot Telecare 020 8274 5931

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