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Mindme Expands Their Enovation UMO Certification




1​8 January 2023


Mindme are delighted to announce that we have expanded our integration with Enovation's UMO platform. In addition to being able to send SOS alarm data to the platform, we are now certified to also send low and empty battery alerts as well as geofence alerts. We are particularly excited about the latter because our geofence functionality was enhanced during the second half of 2022 to allow for rectangular and fully polygonal geofences in addition to the more standard circular ones. We also added timed geofences so that alerts can be disabled during, for example, the daytime.

The Factory Acceptance Test we have just completed applies to all of our GPS devices; the pendant Locate, the pendant alarm, the wearable Locate and the wearable alarm. To future-proof ourselves we have plans to certify our platform itself since it, rather than the devices themselves, generates the alerts.

Simon Wolf, Mindme's CTO, said, "Enovation's UMO platform is growing in popularity in the UK and one of our long-standing customers recently switched to it, prompting the updated certification. Allowing integrations with response centres is all too rare and so working with Enovation gives us a huge amount of pleasure. Improving integrations between services should be on everyone's roadmap for 2023 and beyond."

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About Mindme

Minder Limited, trading as Mindme, has been helping to keep people safe since 2007 via the Mindme Locate, a button-free device which is designed for people with dementia or learning difficulties, and the Mindme alarm which includes SOS calling to our 24/7 Response Centre where professionally trained staff can respond appropriately, whatever the situation. The alarm and Locate are available as pendants or as wearable devices and both use GPS and the mobile phone data network to send locations to our bespoke monitoring platform every few minutes. Our devices are established products which are used by County and District Councils, charities, schools, industry, the police and private individuals.

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