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Mindme, twice recognised in social care awards

The Global Health & Pharma Social Care Awards 2019 have just been announced.

Mindme is proud to have won the 'Best Vulnerable Personal Alarm Development Company – UK' award and the company's Locate device, pictured below, was voted 'Best Bespoke GPS Tracking Device’

Mindme pioneered the concept of tracking people with dementia who become lost and, to facilitate it, created a device that has neither an on/off switch or an SOS button.

“Knowing the concerns of carers we developed our software so that looking up a location is quick and easy and we include helpful information such as the battery state. This gives carers reassurance and that’s very important”, says Chief Executive, Adrian Wolf.

Mindme has invested heavily in its platform which gives response centres key information beyond device locations and includes features such as telling operators whether geo-fence or low battery notifications have been delivered successfully.  It aims to combine a great user experience with auditable information and to improve productivity in response centres by integrating with the main monitoring centre platforms.

Adrian adds: “It can be traumatic for a family when somebody with dementia goes out for a walk and doesn’t come back. When they do it’s possible that they will never be allowed out alone again. Mindme Locate solves this problem giving freedom to the person with dementia and peace of mind to the family.”

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