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National report calls for public sector leaders to maximise digital outcomes

Photograph from left to right : Chris Dodd, Legrand Assisted living & Healthcare, Wendy Kendall,Legrand Assisted living & Healthcare , Glenys Thornton Shadow Spokesperson (Health) House of Lords, Mahood Adil Medical Director at NHS National Services Scotland & Clinical Data and Digital Lead, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Jeremy Porteous, Housing LIN, Tony Greig, Legrand Electric.

The Good Governance Institute (GGI) and Legrand Assisted Living and Healthcare are calling for immediate action to embrace digital solutions, building on a programme of research and engagement with senior leaders from the health, care, and housing sectors.

There is growing recognition that the public sector improvements needed cannot be delivered simply by delivering services in the same way, or even by becoming more efficient. Entirely new systems approaches are required in order to achieve improved health and wellbeing outcomes for communities throughout the UK.

The joint report calls for Board members to adapt the digital strategic direction of their organisations, working in collaboration with diverse partners from across sectors to form new alliances. Unleashing the Digital Premium refers to the potential that digital technology has to deliver these improved outcomes through more cost effective, efficient and reliable services, and by supporting greater independence for individuals and their families.

The Digital Premium is a fundamental enabler of national policy across the NHS and Local Government, including greater prevention of ill health, offering more flexibility in the delivery of services, and supporting individuals to live independently for longer. It identifies barriers and opportunities facing Board members in order to make the digital premium a reality, including;

  • a sufficient focus on improving outcomes for communities
  • the collection of data and how it is shared with partners
  • access to relevant expertise
  • diverse stakeholder engagement in developing and delivering digital strategy

The Unleashing the Digital Premium report was launched at the House of Lords on 25th February 2020. GGI and Legrand Assisted Living and Healthcare are seeking further views and perspectives in response to the report and will be hosting future events to continue discussion on this important topic for the future of the public sector. Get involved by contacting and engaging with #DigitalPremium on social media to share your views and experience.

Legrand are global experts in electrical and digital building infrastructures, with a presence in over 90 countries. The Assisted Living & Healthcare business unit specialises in creating innovative technology based care solutions for health, housing and social care sectors through our brands Tynetec, Jontek and Aid Call.

The GGI is a consultancy in the public sector, working with leaders on the broad canvas of governance and recognised partner across health, social care, education, local government, and the charitable and corporate sectors.

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