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New products to aid medication management

Posted on 05 Sep, 2018

Pivotell, supplier of medication aids have released a number of new products aimed at making life easier for people who lack dexterity or struggle with medication management and adherence

Many people find it difficult to pop tablets out of blister packs, and loading pill dispenser trays can be tricky.

The Pivotell Pill Popper gun is an aid to push tablets easily and quickly from a blister pack.  The Pill Popper is approved by the Swedish Rheumatism Association and features an adjustable opening for small or large pills, a removable tube for very large tablets, is dishwasher safe and promotes good hygiene.

The company has also released two new types of pill dossette boxes with an innovative roller shutter system which makes opening easy for those who lack dexterity in their

hands, due perhaps to arthritis or rheumatism. Thanks to the transparent shutter and coloured base users can see if there are tablets in each compartment. Versions are available for both small and large pills for use in the home or a handy pocket sized version for when people are out and about.

The day of the week and dose number are printed clearly on the outside with additional easy to view icons for: Sun rise, Midday, Sun-down and Night time. A Prescription card with protective sleeve is attached to underside of the dishwasher safe box.

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