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Oomph Wellness teams up with St. Thomas' of Canterbury Parish Church to launch new Oomph Faith sessions


1​2 September 2023

Bringing religious content to Oomph to enable residents to continue observing their religious beliefs

Improving care home residents' social, physical, and emotional wellbeing and helping them live life to the full, Oomph Wellness, part of Person Centred Software's Connected Care Platform, provides an array of wellbeing and activity solutions for both residents and staff, including professional training for care staff in how to deliver expert wellbeing care, exercise, and activities.

Created specifically for the social care sector and by experts in wellbeing, mental health, dementia, and nutrition, Oomph's On-Demand Wellbeing and Activities Platform offers residents and staff access to specialist activity programmes, wellbeing programmes and content tailored to residents' specific needs and requirements.

Bringing interaction, fun, laughter and learning into homes, the Oomph On-Demand Wellbeing and Activities Platform has a variety of activities that help residents to:

  • Enhance quality of life
  • Improve physical and emotional health
  • Assist residents in maintaining their independence
  • Improve family and friend interaction
  • Boost brain stimulation
  • Improve balance and mobility
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Improve social interaction
  • Reduce depression


In order to enhance and further strengthen its inclusiveness, Oomph Wellness is teaming up with Father Mark North of St. Thomas' Church in Canterbury to launch Oomph Faith Sessions. St Thomas's Church will be the first in a series of different religious organisations across the UK to provide religious content.


F​ather Mark North

The series of Faith Sessions will include videos featuring religious readings, prayers, engaging discussions and more. There will also be additional resources to support conversations and further meaningful activities. These sessions will offer a valuable opportunity for residents to practice their faith and be particularly useful for individuals living within care settings who may be unable to attend their regular place of worship.

The faith sessions will also be beneficial to those in care settings who are living with dementia, as the content will provide a meaningful chance to rekindle cherished memories tied to their experiences within the Church, as well as maintain a connection to a part of their unique identity.

Speaking on the partnership and the benefits of Oomph Faith Sessions, Father Mark North says:

"Engaging with religious content can provide people with a sense of connection, purpose and meaning, which can be particularly comforting during times of isolation and illness, as well as a valuable way to encourage positive thinking and promote a sense of calm and wellbeing. Participating in religious practices, even when using videos, can create a sense of community and belonging."

St. Thomas' Church of Canterbury is located in the centre of Brentwood in Essex and has stood on the site for 140 years. Today, St. Thomas' is a large and thriving congregation which strives to offer excellence in worship and varied opportunities for people to explore and grow in the Christian faith.




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