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Over 200 million alarm and events has passed through the Skyresponse platform since start in 2012

0​6 April 022

The alarm and event handling company Skyresponse has now reached yet another milestone. Over 200 million alarms and events has been handled through the Skyresponse platform since the start in 2012. They have continued to grow fast, and are handling close to 10 million alarms and events each month. 

Skyresponse is an established and trusted Swedish Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company which offers a 100% cloud-based alarm management platform used by major international care and security organisations across the public and private sectors, offering a flexible, secure, and resilient alarm management platform solution for:

  • Alarm Response Centres
  • Technology Enabled Care (TEC)
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living
  • Supported Housing and Retirement Living
  • Residential and Domiciliary care
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Facility Management
  • Smart Building Services

Skyresponse has now around 700 companies and organisations that uses the company’s services around Europe, and has offices in Sweden, (Stockholm and Luleå), in Ukraine, Portugal and in UK also covering Ireland.

Now Skyresponse has reach the great milestone of handling 200 million alarms and events through the platform, and close to handling 10 million alarms each month. Putting the numbers in perspective, it took more than nine years to reach the first 10 million alarms, but it took only nine months to reach the next 10 million alarms and events. That was celebrated in August 2019. Now in April 2022 that high number of alarms is being handled through the platform every month.

The CEO, Martin Reidevall, whom has been with the company for 10 years and seen the rapid growth, says: “It is exciting to see that growth of handled alarms through our platform. We have proven that we really can make this work and this shows the strength of the platform we have today. In actual growth of number of alarms and events I assume we are one of the fastest growing platforms in Europe, maybe even the fastest growing. Handling 200 million alarms and events safely for our customers is a true milestone – and remember we do that while releasing new functionality to all our customers - with zero downtime - every 4th week. Looking into the future more and more customers now want to get the same customer advantage and with the current inflow of new customers, we will continue to grow exponentially."

All colleagues around Europe took part in the celebration of reaching the 200 million-milestone. And are already looking forward celebrating 1 billion alarms.

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