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Putting insight at the core of care:
Vayyar Care’s data-driven ecosystem

1​3 March 2023


By Stuart Barclay, UK Sales Director, Vayyar Care

Most caregivers always go the extra mile. Naturally, they want technology that will enable them to do just that. They need insights to guide the care they deliver and the interventions they make.

Frontline staff have been through the mill these past few years. If providers want to boost retention at the same time as enhancing outcomes, they’ve got to give their people the tools they need to succeed. That’s what the Vayyar Care team set out to achieve.

The momentum created by the “Putting People at the Heart of Care” white paper and its vision for the expansion of social care told us the time was right. When you’re building a national network of call systems, connected care platforms and social care providers from scratch, the “reason to believe” must also be perfectly expressed. And the business case has to be crystal clear. It all comes down to data.

One core data point is falls. The damage they cause is well documented, impacting the health and longevity of the service user, not to mention staff morale. Rapid response is obviously critical. The longer someone spends on the floor, the worse their outlook. Care providers need a solution that verifies every fall, over and above the distributed alarm system, which could have triggered a false alert. That’s exactly what Vayyar Care offers.

Caregivers also require activity data that reveals people’s physical health, mobility level and even their mental wellbeing over time. Over the past few years we’ve seen the emergence of dozens of connected care platforms that provide insights like these. But the question on everyone’s lips has been: what’s the best way to gather that essential data?

The short answer is that Vayyar Care sensors also gather essential activity data: whether someone’s in the room, in bed, sitting down or in the bathroom. When the data is spliced and diced, it can show whether the person has a UTI, a condition that’s affecting their mobility or if their level of social engagement is lower, possibly due to depression. #

The dignity of service users is paramount. Because the solution is camera-free, privacy is maintained at all times.

The data is gold to our connected care partners - 24 and counting. Anthropos Digital Care, Access Assure, Taking Care, Enovation, Alcove, AVERio, Caburn Solutions, Yorbl, 2IC Care, Possum, Telealarm, Adaptive IT, Amba, Appello, Carebeans, Canary Care, Just Checking, Care Vision, Develco, Halocare, Howz, Intelligent Lilli, IOTSG, Kraydel, Total Integrated Solutions, Whzan and Archangel have all been integrated with Vayyar Care over the past twelve months.

These platform providers each have a whole array of data-gathering devices – everything from smart plugs and thermometers to door and fridge sensors. But only Vayyar Care provides holistic data on activity and behaviour, enabling our partners to create unique predictive care solutions.

By analyzing the data and presenting it in easy-to-understand reports on fall risk, stability, sociability and more, our partners are bridging the gaps between different categories of care. They’re ensuring continuity of care delivery, whether a service user is transitioning to a care home or a hospital in-patient is undergoing post-discharge reablement. They’re also empowering service users and their families to take charge of care planning.

The entire sector wants tech that’s going to deliver personalised outcomes, enable digitisation, ensure QSF compliance and keep caregivers one step ahead. Those goals are central to everything we do.

That’s the long and short of it. Building our partner network and gathering the data that care providers such as Essex County Council demand has been – and continues to be – an incredible journey. I’m proud to be part of it. But at the end of the day, we’re fortunate to be able to offer the right solution in the right place at exactly the right time.

I’ll be delighted to discuss Vayyar Care’s capabilities and current projects.

Please drop me a line: or pick a time on my calendar.




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