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The AI-powered lamp transforming fall detection



1​1 July 2023


Falls are the most common cause of fatal injuries. 50% of the elderly who lie on the floor for longer than one hour die within six months of the fall. The AI-powered Nobi lamp offers a solution to a global problem. Around a third of people aged 65 and over, and around half of all people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year. Offering help as quickly as possible is crucial and can be a lifesaver.

Prior to Nobi’s launch, the elderly would most typically rely on a panic button device to alert caregivers in the event of a fall – but 80% of elderly people carrying a regular ‘panic button’ don’t use it properly in an emergency, as they forgot to wear it or, in panic situations, people are not always able to actively raise the alarm. That’s why Nobi createda guardian angel ‘lamp’ that is 24/7 present and that does not require any action in case of emergency.

The AI-powered Nobi lamp is transforming residential care settings’ ability to both prevent and detect falls which are the most significant cause of fatal injuries in the elderly. The lamp takes the pressure off under-resourced carers in residential settings whilst bringing peace of mind to families whose loved ones are living in their own homes. If a person falls, Nobi detects this immediately and asks if they are okay. In the event of a ‘no' or a call for help, the intelligent lamp contacts either caregivers or family members. 2-way-communication makes it possible to reassure person that help is on the way.

The lamp has the ability to open the door for emergency services. After a fall, Nobi can share an image with caregivers to give more information on how and where the fall occurred (for fast intervention & prevention). As privacy is key, residents choose whether or not to share this image and if the image needs to be converted to an abstract figure.Nobi also prevents falls. When a resident sits upright in bed at night Nobi will shine soft light to gently illuminate the room.

Nobi illuminates the entire room when the person stands up to go to the bathroom. Carers get alerts when the person leaves their bed during night so they can proactively help to prevent falls.The lamp also monitors sleep patterns and detects changes early so the AI tech can predict an increased risk of falls and reveal other health problems as well. Because Nobi also detects so-called "slow falls," caregivers can avoid the elderly ending up on the floor by reacting quickly.

H​ere's a video showcasing the device:

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