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Launch of 4G LTE Care Watch With Hopes to Disrupt Telecare


True-Kare has proudly announced that it is blending high-end innovation with cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the telecare industry with its remarkable new 4G LTE device called Care Watch 4G. Telecommunications industry around the world is already reaping the benefits of 4G technology, and the Portugal based company has now used this technology for helping vulnerable people, elderly and lone workers. Moreover, Care Watch 4G by True-Kare is an all-in-one solution for the Telecare Industry, and in comparison, to 'analogue' devices that are already existing, this particular watch is truly revolutionary.

“Care Watch 4G is a mobile solution, which means that when we have a digital switchover in the UK to all landlines, our device will not be effected by this at all.” Said Zach McKay representing True-Kare in the UK market, while talking about the device. “This watch will benefit users greatly as the current devices being sold as pendants worn around the neck have their limitations.” he added. According to the spokesperson, this a 'non stigmatizing' device which can be worn around the wrist and is very discreet against usual devices worn around neck, making it a preferable solution.

Some of the most remarkable features of this watch include GPS, Waterproof IP65, Geofencing, Fall Detect, High Quality Audio, and much more. Moreover, the 4G smartwatch also includes heart and blood pressure monitoring which can be uploaded to a mobile smart APP, SOS button which come with an advanced software package enabling numerous Alarm Receiving Centres to monitor the device alongside an interchangeable strap, and a long lasting battery. Besides 4G technology, the device also features 3G and 2G for other countries. True-Kare was founded in 2009 with a mission to help companies to provide an all-in-one solution for the Telecare Industry helping Vulnerable People, Elderly and Lone Workers the possibility to live independently and safe.

“Over the years, we have earned trust and respect of more than 350 companies and more than 20,000 end-users in 12 different countries.” Said the Zach McKay of True-Kare, while talking about the company’s since its foundation in 2009. “We are committed to the United Nation's sustainable development goals, and we have proudly won several great awards and recognitions for excellence.”

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