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Vital WiFi launch SeniorConnectVital WiFi launch SeniorConnect

An affordable, future-proof network dedicated to care homes with robust connectivity fit for running specialist care and leisure services   

Wireless Internet specialist Vital Wifi has launched SeniorConnect, a dedicated Wi-Fi system and service for care homes which is accredited by government-initiated Friendly WiFi ( and provides 100% coverage with 24/7 remote monitoring suitable for running sophisticated wireless care and leisure services. It has also published a guide for care home owners on “The Connected Care Home” highlighting how Wi-Fi can improve residents’ well-being and increase efficiency and care delivery in the care home or retirement village.  

Care homes increasingly rely on digital services to provide care for residents and need a fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi network to manage the ‘Connected Care Home’.  

SeniorConnect provides easy and safe access to Internet services for residents and their families, while delivering secure and robust connectivity for critical care home services. Vital Wifi has priced Senior Connect to suit the tight budgets that so often restrict care homes and can be spread over several years making it particularly attractive to the care home business model.  

Wi-Fi rated as top priority by residents

“Two recent surveys reveal that Wi-Fi is top of the agenda when it comes to lifestyle priorities for those looking for a care home. This wouldn’t be so remarkable if it wasn’t for the fact that most care homes don’t offer Wi-Fi: only 1 in 5 do so according to Citizens Advice,” says Joe Burnell, Director of Vital Wifi.

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