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5 Things that Mattered in TSA this month

1. AWAY DAY:The TSA Team attended an Away Day, bringing them back together in their entirety for the first time since 2019, a team that feels very different; an enhanced team that has in fact grown since the pandemic began, and who can confidently deliver on TSA's Business Plan and ambitions for the future. They spent the day focusing on key activity, business planning, governance, predictions to end of 2021, adaptations to the IT infrastructure, mapping of a Quality audit tool, the Knowledge Hub and future development of the website, with emphasis and discussion around having access to the right tools to allow effective delivery. The day concluded with a look at resourcing and internal training needs, and there was general consensus that the day had provided the push and impetus needed to continue strongly into Q4.

2. ITEC CONFERENCE will take place at the ICC on the 28th and 29th March 2022. Title for conference is confirmed as Unlocking Personalised Outcomes: Life and Living Empowered by Digital Care. The office is starting to buzz with preparation towards launch in early October; designs of conference assets underway, rework and re-design of the ITEC conference website and floor plan finalised. The registration system is now agreed and being set up for us, and a good range of attractive sponsorship and exhibition packages have just been finalised ready for launch.

3. TRAILBLAZERS: The first Trailblazer Supplier cohort completed their monthly meeting programme and are working towards their Stage 2 audit in TSA's Quality Standards Framework. We aim for these audits to be completed by Feb 2022 so we can showcase them through Conference. We continue to take on new Suppliers as new applications and we will continue to push on in this area to reach our growth targets for the end 2021.

4. TSA's ADVISORY SERVICE commenced a number of significant consultancy projects with Southampton Council, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust and YHN. They also held a successful Scottish surgery, with a lot of focus on operational support with the Digital Shift.

5. MARKETING FOR MEMBERS - Beginning roll-out of the new 'lightbox' campaign for an enhanced Member Directory on the TSA website. Watch out for ongoing communications and member calls requesting members submit your best FOUR pieces of content to showcase your TEC products and services within your own pop-up Lightbox. This is an exciting development which promises great benefits and an-round improved experience!

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