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ALL IP Update!

Given the events of the past few months and the collective effort that's been put into mitigating the effects of the pandemic across the TEC industry, it's no surprise that some of the momentum that was building pre-Covid with regards to the digital transformation has dissipated.


It's still very much on TSA's agenda and we'd like to update our members on the key messages from recent ALL IP industry briefings as well as what are TSA’s next steps?

  • The completion of Openreach’s All IP testing centre near King’s Cross, which will allow the testing of both analogue and digital TEC on multiple networks, has been delayed until December 2020.
  • Openreach is running All IP trials in both Salisbury & Mildenhall in order to test the processes for providing IP telephony services over optical fibre in Salisbury from 1st December 2020 and copper in Mildenhall from 4th May 2021.
  • Openreach has also notified all of its communications providers that it will be converting a further 117 telephone exchange areas to full optical fibre (predominately FTTP) by June 2021 – a full list of those exchange areas can be found here.
  • National stop sell (September 2023) and withdrawal (December 2025) dates remain unchanged which will mean a significant ramp up in All IP technology will be required to meet 2025 deadlines in an achievable manner – the current base of 15.5 million PSTN and ISDN connections would require migration at an average of around 50,000 connections per week from a current position of around 6,000 per week

From a TSA perspective, we are re-focusing our primary objectives with regards to All IP as follows:

  • Relaunch TSA Special Interest Group 001 which leads on the TSA’s approach to All IP focusing on:

- Common Testing Specification

- Collation and publication of testing feedback

  • Work with Openreach, Ofcom and the major Communications Providers to provide a webinar to members in September focused on All IP
  • Collate and feedback best practice with regards to steps to transition to full end to end IP
  • Collate and feedback examples of good practice where analogue or digital devices have connected successfully to Alarm Receiving Centre software

ACTION: Finally, we ask that you, our members, provide us with a list of devices that you’d like to see tested as part of the programme to test both analogue and digital devices on the ALL IP networks. Please provide the names and dates of manufacture of your most popular installed devices and we will endeavour to collate independent testing results on those devices.

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