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APP developers offered discounts on product reviews

Posted on 26 Jul, 2017

Substantial discounts on product reviews are available to health app developers within the TSA community for a limited period.

The 70% discounts are being made available as a result of the partnership between TSA and ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications), who are developing a database of the safest and most effective products on the market.

ORCHA has also published new guidance on how to develop an effective, user friendly health care app, trusted by users and clinicians.

Millions of people use apps every day to help manage health issues and medical conditions, but the quality of products varies, with some offering no medical benefit and others presenting risks to the user. ORCHA is promoting ‘better apps for better health’, supporting users and purchasers to find the best and most appropriate apps for their circumstances.

ORCHA conduct in-depth and impartial reviews to identify the best products on the market, with an emphasis on those which help people to manage long-term conditions.

A new TSA ORCHA website allows users to:

  • Search, compare and download apps
  • Sign up for updates about new products and key developments
  • Receive personal recommendations from their health and care professionals.

TSA chief executive, Alyson Scurfield said: ‘People find it hard to choose the best app for their needs and the apps themselves aren’t always fit for purpose.

‘Our easy to use TSA ORCHA website will help users and commissioners choose effective products, whilst helping app developers promote products that are safe and deliver for the end user.’

To find out more about the discounts on app reviews get in touch and quote TSAappdiscount. Discounts are available to members only.

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