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Appello, a national provider of digital telecare solutions, has won the ‘Best use of Technology’ category at this year’s UKCCF awards, for its CareNet call handling platform.   

CareNet, a digital emergency monitoring platform for the management of Telecare, Telehealth, and Lone Worker services, connects older and vulnerable people in need of emergency support to call handlers based in Appello’s digitally enabled monitoring centre - the largest in the UK. CareNet was recognised for the influential role it plays in moving the telecare sector forward in a time of digital transition, and for the vast improvement it enables in ensuring emergency calls are received quickly and efficiently.

The digital platform enables the connection of these life critical calls faster than traditional analogue telecare, which can take upwards of 1m30s to connect and can be limited to one-way speech. Through CareNet, calls can reach Appello in just 3s, with two-way, crystal clear speech, and interface improvements present vital information to the call handler to aid effective triage of each call.

The UKCCF Best use of Technology award recognises the best in British Contact Centres or Customer Service operation that has achieved outstanding results through the innovative use of technology in the last 12 months. The category is judged on the technology’s ability to enable the organisation to consistently meet or exceed customer experience targets, improve access to its services, reduce customer effort, and improve employee engagement and enhanced productivity by empowering front line personnel. 

Appello has over 30 years’ experience providing technology enabled care and life safety services that help housing, health and social care organisations improve the outcomes of services they provide to their residents and citizens. Its model is based on delivering personalised, coordinated care by integrating multiple technologies providing a view of an individual, managed through a digital, IoT ready, cloud-based care platform.

Tim Barclay, CEO of Appello says: “We are absolutely thrilled to win this year’s UKCCF Best use of Technology award. In an emergency situation every second is critical and we’re extremely proud to have created a platform that can have a huge impact on the lives of our customers.

“Our business is underpinned by both technology and people, and we would have been unable to achieve this award without our brilliant staff and call handlers who work extremely hard every day with this life saving platform. This is great recognition for the work that everyone at Appello does every day. It is also testament to the way we work with suppliers like our platform provider ZephyrTel a to customise their offerings to make them best-in-class for our customer’s needs.”

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