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Celebrating the Transformative Journey of Newark and Sherwood District Council's TEC Service





2​1 June 2023



We recently caught up with Ian Jackson - Careline Team Leader at Newark & Sherwood District Council - to delve into their digital shift, the remarkable transformation of their service, and the support provided to their workforce. Ian insights and the actions of his team have been truly impressive, and this article will highlight the positive impact of their initiatives, the steps taken to achieve this, and the strides made in the field of Technology Enabled Care.


Reducing Staff Turnover and Enhancing Collaboration:

When Ian assumed his role two years ago, NSDC faced a significant challenge with high staff turnover. However, through a series of strategic actions, the team has successfully reduced this turnover rate. One key measure was fostering collaboration between the call handling team and installers. By encouraging the call handling team to accompany installers on visits and vice versa, they cultivated a deeper understanding of each other's roles. This approach not only boosted staff morale but also expanded their knowledge of the wider sector and how to best support individuals to maintain their independence.


Proactive Outreach for Enhanced Service:

A pivotal aspect of NSDC service is proactive outreach to service users. The team ensured that all individuals, including those who had not been in contact with the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) for several years, received regular check-ins. This initiative not only increased user confidence in using their alarms but also improved their understanding of how to utilise them effectively, even in situations such as showering or bathing. Impressively, the proactive outreach has already reached approximately 75-80% of all service users, greatly enhancing the quality of care provided.


Embracing the Digital Shift:

Ian and his team manage a considerable number of dispersed alarms, totalling around 1750 units. In anticipation of upcoming changes, NSDC has adopted a forward-thinking approach, focusing on proactive outreach and transitioning from analogue to digital systems. Their preparation includes securing funding for the replacement of all dispersed units, ensuring a seamless transition for service users. Moreover, they have planned an ARC upgrade, which is scheduled for completion by Spring 2024. Detailed roadmaps have been developed to articulate their plans and expectations, providing a clear vision for the future.


Celebrating Positive and Forward-Thinking Approaches:

Despite being a relatively small service, NSDC commitment to innovation and forward-thinking approaches deserves recognition. Their initiatives have not only improved the quality of care for service users but have also created a positive work environment for their dedicated staff. By celebrating and sharing their accomplishments, we can inspire others in the TEC sector to embrace similar approaches and achieve transformative results.



NSDC journey within TEC is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. Under Ian's leadership, the service has successfully reduced staff turnover, implemented proactive outreach programs, and embraced the digital shift. These remarkable achievements demonstrate their dedication to improving the lives of service users and ensuring their independence. We hope by sharing the successes of NSDC it will be a source of inspiration for the TEC community, fostering continued progress and advancements in the field.

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