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Meet Fern, TSA's Marketing Executive


I’m Fern, TSA’s Marketing Executive. My interest in marketing came quite early on when I took Business Studies in my GCSE years. I loved analysing different marketing adverts and campaigns and getting to really understand buyer behaviour and how this impacts sales. This led to me taking a Business and Marketing degree from the University of Lincoln where I could deep dive even more into the marketing world and the ever expanding space of digital marketing.

Since graduating, I spent four years in a marketing agency working with financial advisers and companies within the professional services space. Being in an agency, I was able to be a part of all areas of marketing from brand projects, website development to lead generation campaigns and this has prepared me for the very busy marketing function at TSA!

Outside of the working world, I do have a love for travelling although that has halted in recent months. I love seeing how other people live their lives and soaking up the history of the place I'm in. One of my favourite places in the world has to be Vancouver. The mountains, city, forest and beaches… What more could you ask for in one city? I’m always looking forward to the next adventure and hoping one day to see the Northern Lights. However, until the world opens up again, there are many corners of the UK I’m yet to explore.

A few years back, I took part in a charity trek in the Lake District- 8 peaks, 17 miles in 12 hours. After no sign of any sunny weather, not being able to see a few meters in front of you and 10 hours of constant rain, getting out walking in the hills somehow ended up still being a hobby of mine three years later. I’m lucky to live just outside the Peak District which gives me access to some amazing walks and views, something I have definitely not taken for granted in the last year.

Being very new to the sector, I’ve learnt a great deal about the TEC industry in the past couple of months and it’s very much opened my eyes to the services available. With joining the TSA and working with the rest of the team and TSA members, I’m very excited to see how much this industry can grow.

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