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Meet TSA's new Graduate Schemer, Tim

Hello! I’m Tim, one of TSA’s newer arrivals. I started the TSA Graduate Scheme just before Christmas 2020 after a universally accepted strange year. I studied Philosophy & Sociology at the University of Birmingham and spent a year studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea in 2018-19. I arrived back in the UK, after a year full of Kimchi, Soju, and Korean Barbeques, in summer 2019 and prepared myself for my final year at Uni.

It started normally; blissfully unaware of the encroaching pandemic like everyone else, and then painfully aware of it after the fact. The library was closed, my exams were cancelled, and university was off limits. Lectures and seminars were moved online, and progress meetings were moved to zoom. After a few months of online assessments and many hours writing and editing my dissertation, I’d totally finished. University was done, ticked off the to-dos, and that was it. There was no sign of a graduation ceremony or celebration parties or even a trip to the pub, but it was finished and I could spend a few weeks enjoying the sun in the garden with my housemates.

Soon reality drew in and the job market looked pretty sad. I moved back home to Richmond, North Yorkshire and started the arduous process of job applications. This included much self-reflection and thinking about where I want to go and what I want to do. It’s terrifying process with no definite answers. It felt as though whatever decision I made was going to shape the rest of my adult life, which it would. I made two decisions in this time: I should move to a city (Richmond is very pretty, but small) and I wanted to work for an organisation that I believe in, whose values align with mine, whose goals and actions bring positive effect society.

I reached out to some friends who were in similar situations to me and planned to move to Manchester. We chose Manchester because we all wanted to move to a new city, and Manchester felt like it had lots happening (in normal times). I have always been a music lover and the Manchester scene is one of the best in the world**, and I am a keen rock climber and Manchester has many climbing gyms as well as being right next to the peaks. This coupled with the better job prospects confirmed Manchester as the place to be! We looked at houses over the summer and moved in November.

I was deep into the job search at this point and came across an advert for a position at a not-for-profit in Wilmslow. I rang the recruitment agency to find out more details and sent over my CV. Two days later I was interviewed and offered the TSA graduate scheme. I was extremely lucky to have been offered any job at all, let alone one at TEC Services Association that suits me so well. The atmosphere felt right as did the company. I am no TEC expert by any stretch of the imagination, I only just knew that this technology existed never mind the intricacies that allow the sector to tick, but the philosophy behind it is important and meaningful.

I’m looking forward to properly getting my teeth stuck into the many sides of TSA and, in the process, learn more about technology enabled care. It feels good to be part of a sector that supports some of the most vulnerable and underrepresented groups in society. I’m very much at the start of my journey through the world of TEC and I am excited to see where it takes me!


** EDITOR: "well said!"

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