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Queen’s speech confirms consultation on social care

Posted on 27 Jun, 2017

The Queen’s Speech has confirmed plans to launch a consultation paper on social care.

The consultation, first announced last year, will aim to put social care in England on a more secure financial footing and tackle variations in the quality of care.

Controversial proposals in the Conservative manifesto, which would have meant people in England having to pay towards social care depending on the value of their assets, could well reappear in the consultation.

TSA chief executive, Alyson Scurfield, said:

‘Technology plays a vital and growing role in social care system. Used properly it can help improve the quality of care for vulnerable people and reduce hospitalisation. TSA will continue to work with local authorities to ensure that a range of TEC services are included in local authority care directories and work with government bodies across the UK and our partners to ensure that individuals, patients and carers are aware of the wide range of cost-effective TECS solutions.’

TSA will provide members with more information as the consultation progresses.

Proposals to end the triple lock on pensions in 2020 and means-test winter fuel payments were also absent from the Queen’s Speech.

Over the next two years, the minority government’s legislative agenda will be dominated by Brexit with a major Bill to absorb all EU laws onto the UK statute book along with specific legislation covering the withdrawal from the EU in 2019.

Mental health legislation will be reformed and mental health will be prioritised in the NHS in England.

An independent Health Service Safety Investigation Body will be established to improve the way the NHS investigates and learns from mistakes.

A separate bill will ensure that the data protection framework is suitable for the digital age, and cement the UK’s position at the forefront of technological innovation, international data sharing and the protection of personal data.

There are proposals for a new digital charter aimed at making the UK the best place to start and run a digital business and the safest place in the world to be online.

TSA is keen to work with its members to develop its response to the social care consultation, charter and data protection plans to ensure everyone can share the opportunities available in the digital age.


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