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The Regional Government of Castille and Leon has launched the first digital platform in Europe for coordinated health and social care, as part of the Innovative Public Procurement project for innovative solutions for health and social care.

It is designed to support patients with chronic disease or social support needs, as part of a wider initiative - “Development of Innovation for the Digital Home and Telecare Services.”

The telecare platform imports digital data from the health and social care systems, and from the digital home, via an interoperability module, and following a process of risk-stratification it creates workflows in the new platform to deliver coordinated health services for citizens.

The digital platform replaces the current analogue model, and allows handling of data from telecare, telehealth, and can also process psychometric questionnaires, giving the opportunity to gather information for the prediction and prevention of health and social care requirements.

The project was the result of an agreement between the Regional Health Service, Regional Social Services Department, Institute for Business Competitiveness and Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, and establishes the regional Government of Castille and Leon as trailblazers in technology uptake. 

It is the first project in Europe to tackle the challenges of an ageing population and the increase in chronic disease from a health population perspective, using new technologies.  The aim is for citizens to receive higher quality health and social care services with more efficient use of public resources and to give support to not only end user but also carers:

  • Allowing the patient to stay longer at home
  • Increasing independence and improving the situation of people via support and self-support programmes
  • Strengthening the role of the carer and communication channels of the support network.

The health and social care systems should also experience efficiency improvements in coordinated care with better accessibility and continuity of care and reducing waiting times.

The project is 50% financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), and the system partners included Tunstall who provided the home devices, Getronics the development of the interoperability module, and Victrix SocSan the software platform.    

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