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TEC Quality's David Pearson Heads up Govt Taskforce

David Pearson, Corporate Director for Adult Social Care and Health and Deputy Chief Executive and TSA's TEC Quality Chair, has been asked by the Government to head up a Taskforce to provide a long-term sustainable solution to the future of care in this country and how to fund it.

David Pearson CBE and Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

In the context of Covid-19 and the growing dysfunction of care provision in this country, Pearson's involvement provides a key opportunity to help shape the future of adult social care.

He explains: "None of us could have predicted or imagined the events of this year at the start of it. We knew a global pandemic could happen, but the speed and destructive force with which it has circumnavigated the globe is almost unimaginable unless you have lived through it. And there has been a huge impact on social care.

"I certainly did not envisage leading a government Taskforce on social care either. I regret that it is necessary, but being in this situation leaves us with a responsibility to ensure that services which millions rely on are as safe and resilient as possible. Not only this, that they support people in their need to be connected with the support from family and friends and all the essential services that we all rely on."

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