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TSA Launches Discussion Forum to support TEC Community during Covid19

As part of its wider Outreach Programme during the Covid-19 pandemic, TSA has launched a Discussion Forum to support not just TSA members but the entire TECS Community.

TSA's new discussion forum covers the most relevant topics and challenges that TECS is facing during pandemic such as TEC Supporting Hospital Discharge & Reablement, Mobile Responder Services, Equipment & Supply Chain, Training needs and others.

TSA's Chief Executive Alyson Scurfield says the forum is just one strand of communication between the TSA and the TECS community: "We've been working round-the-clock with outreach calls to both service providers and suppliers to talk around the initial challenges of service and supply and associated solutions. We're now entering Phase 3 of our support to the sector where we will take the feedback and interactions from the forums to inform what further support and development is needed in the sector so we come out of pandemic doing things differently and better."

"Covid-19 has shown me how resilient and determined the TEC sector is and much of that is based on knowledge sharing and a realisation that going back-to-business is really not an option post-Covid."

The launch of the forum represents the initial development of ongoing engagement with TEC service providers and suppliers on this type of platform, with future scope to include:

  • a Q&A area which answers key questions about TEC products and services
  • an ideas exchange with opportunities to suggest ways to improve products
  • and an area for suppliers to showcase their products

The forum is open to all in the TEC Community, not just TSA members.


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